element14 is the enablement service partner for ARM mbed platform


Elements14 distributes technology products and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair. Elements14 is the Asian Pacific trading brand of renowned electronics company Premier Farnell plc which is spread globally. Element14 is presently being operated in 10 different countries in Asia Pacific with three regional distribution hubs in singapore, shangai and sydney.

element14 is the enablement

element14 is the enablement service partner

Premier Farnell plc does high service distribution of technology products. They also provide solutions for electronic system design, maintenance production and repair. It trades as Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 across Asia Pacific.

Elements has been announced as the first third party services for mbed which is the development platform that allows developers to easily and quickly build or create products based on ARM micro controllers.With elements14 working alongside with customers to train engineers and designers, will help the ARM development platform and tools to a much wider range of boards and products.

The mbed platform does provide hardware designs, free software libraries. It also provides online tools for professional rapid prototyping of the products based on ARM microcontrollers. It includes a standards-based C/C++ SDK, a micro controller HDK and supported development boards, an online compiler and online developer collaboration tools.

Being a service partner, mbed  will be training the engineers within element14 to use hardware and regardless of platform and existing software to enable mbed’s delivery  as a platform.As we know that element14 is well renowned and prominent one and is a best and ideal partner for mbed based on its popular online community and is an expert at every stage of the design cycle.

Through its embedded design expertise at Embest and AVID Technologies, element14 will also be offering customers the option to include mbed as part of new and existing products.By utilizing its embedded design it will open up the full and wide range of development boards to mbed which allows the engineers to expertise by getting quick and closer to the chip functionality to utilize ARM design tools.

Mbed’s own forum is responsible for providing a platform for engineers where they can share, advice and post questions on how to use the platform and can even learn more about the internet of things.This above forum is complemented by the element14 community which has 250,000 members in its community.The partnership will bring these two communities closer together and encourage collaboration between skilled engineers; to open up more opportunities for faster prototyping and more advanced designs.

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Srikanth Kulkarni

author at technary


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