Quantum Materials is scaling volume production of photoactive quantum dots


The nanotechnology company, Quantum Materials Corp, has decided to scale the production of photoactive quantum dots for use in next generation photovoltaic solar power technologies. The company is known for developing and designing quantum dots. Quantum dots are basically nanoparticles of semiconductors, which emit light when excited with energy. Quantum Materials Corp is a Texas based company and was founded in 2008.

Quantum materials

Quantum Materials is scaling volume production

The company is looking for investors due to the towering price of production. Undoubtedly, these quantum dots are very efficient for producing solar power but their hard production is posing problems. The product is majorly used in optoelectronics, life sciences, photovoltaics, sensor sectors and security ink.

50 new foundations, 180 institutions and around 650 individuals have come together with them for supporting the energy solutions. These foundations, institutions and individuals combinedly hold over $50 billion in their assets. The late issue of the Republic of China (Taiwan) patent – “Hybrid Organic Solar Cells with Photoactive Semiconductor Nanoparticles Enclosed in Surface Modifiers” – in combination with other recent patents acquired by Bayer AG quantum materials provides strong protection intellectual property necessary for the quantum dot optimized photosensitive materials in the solar cell market.

The Bayer incorporates general descriptions of the materials, the basic design of the quantum dots solar cells and their manufacturing processes which strengthens the technology portfolio. Quantum print screens, Quantum Dot, solar cells are printed by gravure or high speed roll-to-roll. The company also focuses on manufacturing solar cells for electricity markets of Middle East, Europe, North America and Asia through its Solterra Renewable Technologies Inc.

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