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Are you interested to know who we are? Well we are passionate about software and gadgets.  Our main intention is to enlighten our audience with the latest software and gadgets. We devotedly perform the reviews with all the perspectives of a consumer.

We not only diagnose any software or gadget completely but also pick out the Oomph factors for the customers.

All our reviews are honest and unbiased and are individual opinions of the reviewer. We review the software or gadget with seriousness and in a very unique way. Technary.com is a single handed blog turned to an online media company which strives to make it better and better everyday.

Our Team

Nikhil Narkhede

nikhil narkhede

Founder of Technary. He is a Computer Engineer and has a keen hobby in gadgets & softwares. His passion for reviewing started in 2011.  He is a power networker and loves Social Media a lot. Meeting & talking to people is what he likes to do often. Marketing is in his heart and shares his experiences in various occasions.

He likes to attend various seminars and conferences. He always craves for knowledge. Apart from being a Blogger and Computer Engineer he is an entrepreneur. He believes that:

Entrepreneurship brings daily new challenges. A safe secure job will never give you a chance to go through such a journey. Being a leader is not challenging, but creating leaders is what matters the most.

Our Authors:

  • Arshi Bansal
  • Rahul Hirani
  • Anuradha Sivaraman
  • Srikanth Kulkarni
  • Pavithra Ranganathan
  • Ayush Somani

Our company has awesome interns and freelancers.  If you have any queries, feel free to Contact Us.