Home Gadgets ARM Cortex M7 Chip launched – Will make smart devices smarter

ARM Cortex M7 Chip launched – Will make smart devices smarter

ARM Cortex M7 Chip launched – Will make smart devices smarter

The notebook processor is becoming an increasingly important market segment in the semiconductor industry. ARM (RISC)architecture developed by British company ARM Holdings. A RISC-based computer design approach means ARM processors require significantly fewer transistors than typical CISC x86processors in most personal computers.

ARM Cortex M7 Chip

ARM Cortex M7 Chip

The Cortex M7 is designed for everything from appliances to edge routers to automotive, sensor hubs and industrial control. ARM Cortex M7 processor brings high performance and efficient digital signal processing to enable devices featuring superior embedded intelligence across the industrial, infrastructure and domestic sectors. ARM has its processors in numerous sensors and end points throughout nodes of the Internet of things. ARM has shipped 8 billion units of its Cortex M processes, has more than 240 licenses out and 3,000 catalogue parts.

The Cortex –M7 achieves an impressive 5 Core mark /MHz. this performance allows the Cortex M7 to deliver a combination of high performance and digital signal control functionality that will enable MCU silicon manufacturers to target highly demanding embedded applications while keeping development costs low.

Expected uses of Cortex-M7 smart control systems employed in a range of applications such as motor control, industrial automation, advanced audio, image processing, a variety of connected vehicle applications.Devices will be able to marry a small footprint with compute and long battery life,” claimed Nandan Nyampally, vice president of market at ARM’s CPU group.

ARM Cortex-M7 features:

  • Six stage, superscalar pipeline delivering 2000 Coremarks at 400MHz in a 40LP process
  • AXI interconnect (supports 64-bit transfer) and fully integrated optional caches for instruction and data allowing efficient access to large external memories and powerful peripherals
  • Tightly coupled memory interfaces for rapid, real-time response
  • Extensive implementation configurability to enable a wide range of cost and performance points to be targeted
  • Optional full instruction and data trace via the Embedded Trace Macrocell enabling greater system visibility
  • An optional safety package and built-in fault detection features contribute toward ASIL D and SIL 3 compliance, meaning Cortex-M7 is the perfect choice for companies targeting safety-related markets including automotive, industrial, transport and medical application.
  • Widest third-party tools, RTOS, middleware support of any architecture, provided by the ARM Connected Community of complementary partner companies.

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As we seek very high performance from our notebooks or desktop computers ARM technology brings its new innovative CORTEX M7 chip. This innovation is designed to deliver very high level of performance and also brings more processing power for the smallest computing devices.

This is the great set of innovation from ARM and we seek more innovations from ARM technology.

This article is written by : Srikanth Kulkarni

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