Zebronics Zebstation Kettle NFC Speaker launched


Zebronics, a division of infotronix, India’s leading supplier of Consumer based electronic systems from motherboards to headphones has launched India’s first NFC Bluetooth speaker in its BLUE series  after successfully launching  bliss portable speakers previous month. The speakers are first of its kind in this segment and has further strengthened its hold in electronic industry.

Zebronics Zebstation Kettle

 Zebronics Zebstation Kettle

On first glance, the speakers provide a familiar visual appeal of a minion in the  movie “Despicable me”. Small and elliptical in shape like a minion with a head like  a stretched top portion consisting of control buttons, these speakers will glue you towards its snazzy design and glamorous look. Not only these speakers are amazingly visually striking, but getting familiar with the working of the device is also relatively easier. Just pair your device via blue tooth or NFC and you are ready to go.

The speakers comes with an inbuilt bluetooth chip of version 3.0+EDR with an impressive sound to noise ratio <85db  which provide an pleasant yet crisp and clear sound experience to one’s ears. The speakers operate in the frequency range of 100HZ to 20 KHZ and work on an input voltage of only 3 watts.

These speakers showcase a 40mm speaker size which have a resistance of 4o ohms. They justify their size as they provide a power of 3 watts. There is also a 3.55 mm audio jack slot which is nicely posted at the rear end of the device.

The speakers comes with multifarious features which are more than handy. The one that tops the list is the inbuilt call feature. Yes, you heard it right. These speakers since are bluetooth and NFC compatible have call function with answering facility plus it can redial the last call.

It also features hands free option which can be very handy while driving dedicated mic has been fixed for the same. A USB slot, a 400 mah rechargeable battery which lasts for over 3 hrs. Before require to be charged again are all packed into this tiny device. Also add to it an inbuilt FM feature and a remote control facility which can be used to control the speakers with ease.

This tiny monster has a size of 90mm to 70 mm and weighs 209g like a feather. The speakers are portable and rechargeable which is an icing on the cake and makes these speakers a perfect party basher and a must alternative for all those who prefer not to take out their cell phones while driving.

These speaker speaks of it design and functions on its own and the inbuilt call feature absolutely blows off other competitors. Though the price has not been decided yet, I do not expect these speakers to cost more than 1700 bucks which clearly is a perfect deal for all those who want a bit more than an ordinary speaker.

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