How to convert VHS Tapes to DVD


Are you looking for a software or solution which will convert your VHS Tapes to DVD? Well then you have come to the right place. We have found out the easiest and the best technique to solve the above problem. There was a time when the VHS Tapes used to rule the world. You might have a lot of VHS Tapes which you might have recorded or have some valuable recordings. Well we can understand that you now want to store them in a DVD.

How to convert VHS Tapes to DVD

The easiest method for doing the above is getting Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus Video Converter for PC.

Step 1: Get Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus Video Converter for PC.

You can click on above link and purchase the above package. It includes the software and also the main USB capture device.

Step 2: Install the Software in your PC

Step 3: Connect the USB capture device to your PC and other end with your camera or VHS recorder. (VHS Tape must be inserted in the device which you are connecting to the cable)

Step 4: Follow the instructions in the software and you will be able to easily convert your VHS tapes to DVDs. You can also transfer movies to your PC, USB Flash Drives, etc.

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Let us get to know in detail about this software and what all it does.

How to convert VHS Tapes to DVD

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus Video Converter for PC

Now all your VHS tapes can now be easily turned into digital format using this software. In the box you will get DVD software and USB Capture device.

Video & DVD

You can easily convert VCR into DVD in few clicks. This is one of the fastest way to convert your VCR tapes to DVD format. You can also directly connect your camcorder to your computer. You can do many things in this software. These include editing the large videos by splitting them into smaller parts. You can trim and cut videos with ease. Improving color balance and lighting is possible with ease. You can add transitions in between the videos, rolling credits to movies and also designed menus as per your need to the DVD.


Now turn your favourite VHS to an audio DVD or CDs or even can store in MP3 format using the software. You can also adjust the recording volume as per the need. There is already auto-adjust of sound record by the software. You can also add reverb and other sound effects to your videos. Apart from that you can add the title, artist and genre information with ease.

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Disc Label Creation

You can create personalized disc labels and DVD case inserts. You can also create booklets from the various templates.


You can now share the home movies on DVD and can convert audio and video files with ease. You can easily share these files to youtube and facebook with ease.

System Requirements

This software is for Windows users. It needs minimum 512MB RAM and 1.6GHz processor. The software needs 2GB free disk space.

Price: $38.49

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