How to make your Windows PC faster


Is your Windows PC getting slow? Well this problem can be easily solved without manual intervention. You don’t need to do any technical stuff to find out what are the reasons of slow PC. Well just you can install a software which will optimize your computer and do the tuning for you.

How to make your Windows PC faster

Well this method is the best as you do not need any technical education in doing so. Also this is the most convinient and the fastest method to make your PC faster. So if you have slow PC issues then this software might be the right choice for you.

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning – 2020 Version

How to make your Windows PC faster

Find Duplicates

Well you can now easily find all the duplicate files, photos, videos, etc with ease with the search. The software will give you a overview of your system and you can delete the garbage data as per the need.

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Real-time protection

This sofware runs on background and is continuously checking for errors which can be detected and resolved realtime. So your PC is running smoothly without any problems.

Performance Check

With the performance check you get to know the performance capabilities and weaknesses of your computer.

Optimization of your Windows services

You can check all the services which launch when you start your PC. It helps to speed up the start up process.

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Save energy

This software also optimizes your energy options in the Windows. You can easily optimize the energy consumption. So that you can use the minimum energy and you can make your PC more and more faster. This is helpful as it will help you for less Power consumption of your PC.

High Speed Mode

This mode will help you to automatically prioritize the programs in need of the utmost power and the more advantage it needs. The device uses this mode an you can easily make sure that the PC uses less power for a particular program not in need. This helps to optimize the available resources in hand.

Delete internet traces

It automatically deletes the cookies, temporary files and all your browser history as per the need. So it helps to give you a more robust browsing experience.

Uninstall malicious programs

This one is the most important feature as per our usage. This will help you to automatically uninstall malicious programs. You can also remove them manually, the best part is that it gives you notification for the same.


If you want to make your Windows PC faster then this is the smartest way. Get this software and immediately make your PC faster and smoother. Your productivity certainly increases when you use a faster PC.

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