The free data recovery software for Windows and Mac – EaseUs


If you are looking for software that can help you in an easy, quick and free recovery of your data, then your search is over. Lost data happens to be one of the big and crucial problems faced. Be it personal or professional, it becomes really hard for recovering the data back. Moreover, with the long procedure of the present recovery software makes the entire process even more frustrating.

The free data recovery software for Windows and Mac – EaseUs

On the other hand, finding the right software for recovering the lost data is another challenge. Most of the software present in the market are either complex to operate or are paid. Stable performance is yet another issue that is faced with many of the available software. But now to fight against this challenging task, EaseUs can be your perfect partner.

What is EaseUs?

EaseUs is one of the trending data recovery software that is being used by most of the organizations, businesses, and startups for recovering their lost data. The software delivers outstanding performance for recovering the data which has been accidentally or intentionally deleted. The software can also be used for recovering the lost data against the technical errors.

The free data recovery software for Windows and Mac – EaseUs

Features of the software:

To further understand the functioning of the software, let us have a look at the features that it offers to its customers:

  1. Easy recovering: Amidst the available complex software for recovering data, EaseUs is one of that software that delivers an easy approach to recovery. This recovery software can be used for recovering the deleted files, data, partitions, digital media, etc. of the device. Moreover, the software can recover the corrupted partitions from the servers and RAID storage.
  2. Interactive interface: The common problem that most of the users face with the data recovery software is their complex interface. EaseUs outshines this common problem as well by delivering an interactive interface to its users. The interface is extremely easy to use and thus can be operated by non-tech users as well.
  3. Instant support: The software delivers instant support to all its users with the help of live chats. Any user who is having a problem while using the software or any of its functionality can get the guided assistance via the live chat feature. This means that no user will have to wait for long hours for finding the desired solution for their problems and issues.
  4. Multiple recovery options: It is very rare to find data recovery software which can provide with a number of data recovery options. With EaseUs, the users find multiple options for recovering their data. Some of the data recovery options that the software supports are as follow:
  • External drive recovery
  • Removable media recovery
  • SD card recovery
  • RAID recovery

The software does not support the optical storage recovery option.

  1. Compatible devices: The software is compatible with a number of devices which makes its use even easier and worthy. Since the software is compatible with most of the available devices, it eliminates the need of using any different version of the software for multiple devices. The users just need to have this software and it can be used for all types of devices without any problem. The compatible devices with the software are:
  • PC/Laptop
  • Hard Drive
  • External disk
  • SSD
  • Memory card/ Micro card
  • Mobile device
  • Zip drive
  1. Supported types of files: The software supports many types of files for recovering. Some of them are:
  • Document type: word, excel, PDF, powerpoint
  • Images type: JPEG, RAW, PNG, Photoshop
  • Audio type: MP3, WAV, AIFF, Ogg
  • Video type: QuickTime, WMV, AVI, MPEG-4
  • Archives type: Zip, RAR, Gzip
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