Boult Audio Curve Review – It has Vibration Alert and Magnetic earbuds


Are you looking for a wireless neckband design headphone? Well if you are looking for a budget headphone with above requirement then you should have a look at Boult Audio Curve. Boult Audio is into sound peripherals.

For sports enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts like me, a neckband headphone is a necessity. The best part of a neckband design is that the earbuds don’t fall off easily and you can enjoy without bothering. We have tested this device for a week. At Technary we have extensively reviewed this device. So lets get to know more about this device in detail and our experience and observation about it.

Boult Audio Curve Review - It has Vibration Alert and Magnetic earbuds

Boult Audio Curve Review


It has a stylish neckband design. These are wireless headphones made for the people who love to listen to music on the go and also for attending the calls. The design of the device is certainly a modern look. The first thing which you will notice when you handle the device are the magnetic ear buds. The device has magnetic earbuds which get attached when you are not using them. This is certainly cool aspect for sure.

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Boult Audio Curve Review - It has Vibration Alert and Magnetic earbuds

This neckband design helps to give support to the earbuds and does give a lavish look. These are made for people who like walking, running, jogging, gymming, etc. When you unbox, you will see headphone, microUSB cable, extra ear plugs and user manual.

The neckband body is made of plastic. There you can see the controller. On the neckband we can see 3 buttons. These are Volume up and down and there is an action button. This button is helpful to accept calls, reject calls, etc. There is also a mic with noise cancellation. When you mount the headphone, you will certainly feel comfort for sure. Earbuds are made of metal and plastic and fits well in the ears. Overall a very modern and useful design indeed.

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You can easily switch ON the device by pressing the middle button. You will be astonished in the first time as the device vibrates when you switch ON. You will see the LED notification too. It also gives voice notifications like POWER ON. It easily searches for the bluetooth device. You can connect it to your smartphone, laptop or any other device. At a time you can connect it to 2 devices. This is certainly useful feature indeed.

Boult Audio Curve Review - It has Vibration Alert and Magnetic earbuds

We enjoyed many type of tracks right from slow romantic numbers to heavy metal. The device provides crystal clear sound in terms of lyrics. The Bass is very much amazing, not too high and not too low, its just perfect. You will be certainly out in nirvana state when you enjoy music. There is almost no sound you can hear from the nearby environment, and you can peacefully enjoy your music.

When not in use, just remove both the earbuds from your ears and automatically they will get attached as the earbuds are magnetic. This is cool feature as the earbuds attach by themselves and is certainly useful. Another special feature of the device is that when you get an incoming call the neckband vibrates. This is certainly cool feature for sure. It charges in 1-2 hours and can be used for upto 10 hours. So it has a good battery life too.

Boult Audio Curve Review - It has Vibration Alert and Magnetic earbuds

Final Verdict

This is certainly for people who like to have a wireless headphone in very budget price. The special features of magnetic earbuds and vibration alert does make them appealing. If you are looking for headphones in this budget this should be your choice.

Price: INR 4499 1499

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