Kingston HyperX Beast 32GB RAM review


The company Kingston is one of the biggest memory manufacturer in the world. Many users are very much cautious in choosing the best RAM for their system. Does Kingston HyperX Beam fullfil the search of the user? Well let us know it in our review. The HyperX is a series from Kingston where higher-end range of memory modules are launched. The Beast does differ from other modiles of Kingston.

Kingston HyperX Beast 32GB

Kingston HyperX Beast

Kingston HyperX Beast 32GB


Actually Kingston has made good efforts to make this Beast look cool and awesome. The fashionable RAM looks very attractive. I personally showcased it to some system administrators of MNC`s and they were amazed to see such a design of the RAM. The color combination of Red “Hyper” over black background looks kickass. Even if you look at the cooling prospecting the design is very much suitable to provide proper cooling to the RAM.

Kingston HyperX Beast 32GB


The RAM is available in 8,16,64GB versions. We had a chance to review the 8GB version. It has speeds upto 2400 MHz. The operating voltages go from 1.5V to 1.65V and also enables stable overclocking. The RAM is compatible with the XMP auto-overclocking function.

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Kingston HyperX Beast 32GB

It is compatible with these Intel chipsets:

  • P55
  • H67
  • P67
  • Z68
  • H61(AG)
  • X79
  • Z77

Kingston HyperX Beast 32GB

It is compatible with these AMD chipsets

  • A75
  • A87
  • A88
  • A89
  • A78
  • E35(Fusion)

Vicious Black Heat Spreader with matching Black PCB. The DRAM module measures 1.827 inch tall and 0.338 inch thick. The main focus of this RAM is its performance. So lets not waste any further time and talk about the performance.

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Kingston HyperX Beast 32GB


Generally a computer having 1 GB RAM 7 years ago was considered to be awesome. But what will happen when a user uses 2 units of 8 GB RAM at a time on the system. It is going to be majestic for sure. But what happens when 4 units of 8GB RAM will be used at one? The computer runs superbly fast. This is very important for the designers and video editors. Also for extreme gamers.

Final Verdict

This is a superb RAM. The performance is just fabulous. A recommended product for the system of Gamers as well as Designers and developers. The default [intlink id=”1137″ type=”post”]RAM[/intlink] of the personal computer does not have that power. There is always something more which you need, which is fulfilled by this RAM. Multi-Tasking can be done flawlessly. We liked the RAM and would like to suggest it to our audience.

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