Kingston Data Traveler R3.0 G2 USB Flash drive Review


Hey are you looking for a USB Flash drive? If yes then read this review carefully. We got a very unique USB Flash drive from Kingston. Why is it unique? What amazing things we found out while reviewing it? And many more details unleashed in this review. Well this flash drive is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities. We reviewed the 32GB version of this USB Flash drive.

Kingston Data Traveler R3.0 G2

Kingston Data Traveler R3.0 G2 USB Flash drive Features


This USB device has a unique design. It has a sporty look. It does look very cool in the blue color. It also must be the case because I like blue color a lot. I was hoping that they should had released it in other color variants too. Think if it was a red or green colored. More color options would had been a positive aspect. It has a rubber casing. So very nice grip.

Kingston Data Traveler R3.0 G2

The cap of the device is completely made of rubber. So easy to remove it and put in. If you are using it for the first time you will get trolled. The user(myself) always thinks that the name written should be on the upper side while inserting it in a laptop. But annoyingly it is the back side of the USB. So the user can get confused. So the blue LED indicator side of the USB should be on the top. But after getting familiar to it that will not be any problem to the user.

Kingston Data Traveler R3.0 G2

The device has dimensions of 56 x 22 x 9.2 mm. Even the USB Flash drive has some good weight. Not heavy though, I think it is ideal one. Not like the light weighted plastic drives of Sandisk. Anyways jokes apart, the USB Flash drive looks awesome and yes, looks does matter for selling a product. When I was using it in a coffee shop, a random girl came and asked about it. Yes, it is useful for showing off too, which I never did! 😛


The device is shock resistant. Also it is water resistant. The USB 3.0 connectivity is one of the biggest highlights which makes the writing speed of 23MB/s and a reading speed of 90MB/s for a 32GB flash drive. We did tested it thoroughly for a USB 2.0 for a long time. You will be surprised after looking at the results.

Kingston Data Traveler R3.0 G2


The device is compatible with Windows 8.1, 8,8 RT, 7 (SP1), Vista (SP1, SP2) and surprisingly with XP too. Why I said surprising because we tested the device ourselves on a XP system and the flash drive was working with ease. It also works with the Apple Mac OS X v10.6x+ and Linux v2.6.x+.


This USB Flash drive has a warranty of massive 5 years. Also they are giving free tech support to the user.


A very nice looking USB Flash drive. The Performance is excellent. Also it is water and shock resistant. So unbelievable features at this price is undoubtedly a must buy USB Flash drive. So what are you waiting for? Buy it now for $52.79 In India available for just below Rs.3,000.

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  1. Old is God truly!!!
    I got a Shock when i handled my Hp USb but as this is rubber coated then what to worry.
    Great move Kingston.

    • Hi George,
      It was unfortunate to get shock from hp usb to you. By the way can you mention the model number of the device? Yes, Kingston have focused on making it shockproof and waterproof which is required now a days.


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