Portronics Cubix review – Portable AUX speaker


Do you like to dance? Are you ready to enjoy music anywhere? I know this question is annoying for sure. If yes, then you should look out for this device named Portronics Cubix. This is a portable AUX speaker. What does it do? What input does it need? I know you might be having a lot of questions. We have extensively reviewed the device. So let us see the details of this device in detail.

Portronics Cubix review

Portronics Cubix Features


Portronics Cubix review

The design of the device has a lot of things. We will start with the build quality of the device. The device has a unique design. Nothing flashy by still looks cool. From younger audience to the older audience everyone will like the deign of this device.

Portronics Cubix review

It has a Rubber coating on the sides of this speaker. This gives it a premium look altogether. We had the chance of reviewing a Orange colored device. I would had preferred buying a Blue one. You can buy as per your need. The name “Portronics” is written on the side of the device. The device is not that heavy but yes, it has a bit weight.

Portronics Cubix review

Easy to transport. It is easy to switch on with a rolling button. When you roll it, the device is ON then if you roll more the Volume of the speaker is increased. By the way, you can connect the speaker to a 3.5mm port. So you can use it to any smartphone or connect it to PC or laptop. I connected it my Sony Walkman MP3 player and tested the device.

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Portronics Cubix review

The first question which gets raised is “Will it fit into my pockets?” The answer is NO. So sorry but it is a big block which will fit in one hand but not super portable. It has a USB slot which is there for USB charging. A USB cable is provided by the speaker. So you can connect the speaker to your laptop or system and the speaker get charged using through USB.

Portronics Cubix review

There is a blue LED indicator. It gets light up when the speaker is ON. The LED light also looks gorgeous. The back cover is always needed to open so as to use the 3.5mm cable. You can also see a rechargeable cylindrical battery when you open the back panel of the device.


We tested it for many days. We did a lot of testing. Right from a closed room to a street full of traffic. The volume of the AUX speaker is decent. Loud enough to hear the beats in a closed room. We had danced the tunes of some great tracks. 4 people can dance surrounding the speaker with ease. So it is a portable sound system. I believe it worked best in the car when we were traveling to Lonavala.

Portronics Cubix review

The sound was immense when the windows were closed in the car. When the device is in full volume and you hold the device, you can feel the beats of the speaker. The Cubix makes amplifies the sound and makes it audible and enjoyable. I liked the sound quality. It would had been better if they could had made the volume more louder.

But still it is “Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka”. Good to use, looks ruff and tuff. The device is available in the market for Rs.1,299.


People who love music and are looking for a small budget portable AUX speaker, this is the one. Do not expect much from it though. Gave a good battery backup of around 8 hours. Cheers!

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  1. sir, how can i know that my speaker is charging. and how much time it take to charge it.
    it continous shows red light after i switch off also..


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