1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earphones Review


Wireless Earphones are the need of the hour. Are you using one? If not then you must get one. We have been using various gadgets and found that wireless earphones does improve your productivity and entertainment value than the normal wired earphones.

Today we have 1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earphones. We have already reviewed the wired version of these earphones which was a bestseller from the brand. This brand 1MORE is known for the quality and affordable devices.

Well who need wireless earphones? The answer is everyone. Right from students, working professionals, athletes, gym goers, travelers, and for all.

1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earphones Review

1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earphones


When you look at these earphones, they are having a neckband style design. Just because of the orientation these look very much ordinary and you can use in your daily life. The Black color in earphones is very much user friendly as per our thoughts. One of the unique aspect in the design we saw is that on one side you can see the 3 button control module and on the left side we can see the battery. Its is a well thought out design as to maintain the right weight proportion especially when not in use.

1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earphones Review

So unlike of other wireless earphones where there is only one module and when not in use it can have more weight on one side and the earphones can fall off. But in the 1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earphones Review this right weight proportion on both sides makes it useful for the user to enjoy the earphones without falling off.

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It has large titanium drivers with diameter of 10mm and it has overall waterproof design. It comes with IPX4 rating. The earpieces are made of aluminum alloy. The backside of the earpieces is having magnet. So when the earpieces are not in use you can snap it together with ease. Inside the package with the device you will get 3 eartips (small, medium and large), 1MORE sticker, manual, product catalogue and microUSB charging cable.

1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earphones Review

The angled nozzles and the cone design is very much comfortable to the ears. The cable of the device has a rubberized finish for better grip on neck and more longevity. Weight of the device is just 18g. Once you equip these earphones you feel comfort for sure.


This device is using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. It is helpful for faster and seamless bluetooth transmission. This device comes with secure pairing. So when you pair it with your smartphone or any other device it comes with pairing code confirmation. Multiple devices can be connected to this device. Battery and volume indication can be seen in iOS devices with ease.

Power Button can be used by 1-2 seconds of press and hold, you can Power ON the device. This will give you voice notification too as “POWER ON”.

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1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earphones Review

Power Button when pressed and hold for 4 seconds device can be turned to Power OFF. When not in use i.e. music or phone calls then the virtual assistant can be accessed by 2 times pressing consecutively to access Siri or Voice commands.

There are other buttons like Play/Pause, Volume UP and Volume Down. There is also a LED status light which shows if it has low battery, pairing, etc. We enjoyed different genres of music to test the performance of the device. First thing which you experience is the amazing noise isolation.

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The device provides clear bass. If you use an equalizer then you can experience the music of this device in more depth according to your need. The device has warm midrange. It provides crisp sound. We had pleasant tuning experience from the device. The Highs and Treble were smooth and the sound quality is high.

1MORE Piston Fit Wireless Earphones Review

There are no such major sound leaks. So when you are enjoying music on this device you need not worry that nearby people won’t listen to it much. You can use it for traveling and daily use.


Battery once charged you can enjoy the usage of upto 8 hours. So you can enjoy music or phone calls that too upto 8 hours after full charge. We did experienced this long battery capacity and it is really a positive factor about this device. It takes around 1 hour to charge to device completely.

Final Verdict

This wireless bluetooth earphones are of good sound quality, design and amazing battery life. These are comforting and noise isolation is good too. If you have this budget for buying wireless earphones then you can go right away to order them. These are having light weight and affordable too.

Price: INR 3999 INR 2999

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