Adcom Maverick Review – Optical Wired Gaming Mouse


Do you like playing computer games? If yes then you must have the right tools with you to master the games and play it with more accuracy. A gaming mouse will certainly help you to get that exact precision you are looking for. We have recently used Adcom AD-5766(also known as Adcom Maverick) Gaming Optical Wired Mouse and will be glad to share our experience with you.

Adcom Maverick Review - Optical Wired Gaming Mouse

The most important things you look for in a gaming mouse is its performance and ease of usability. Apart from these factors Indian audience will be certainly looking at the price. Unlike the other brands which price their gaming mouse very high, this is at a very affordable price. We will get to all these details in our review.

Adcom Maverick Review

A gaming mouse is like a weapon for a gamer and if used properly and chosen wisely then you can certainly excel any game ofcourse with your added skillsets.

Adcom Maverick Review

Adcom Maverick Gaming Mouse


The device is having White and Gold color and does look aesthetically very cool. My first impression was that it might be heavy but it was very light weight when we had grip in our hand. This is a wired optical gaming mouse. When you connect to mouse to your computer the first thing you see is the amazing LED lamp breathing highlights. It is really mesmerizing and makes you feel fresh for sure while playing your favourite game.

Adcom Maverick Review

As it is an optical mouse you can use it on any plane surface, thought mouse pad is recommended for optimum accuracy. When you hold the mouse you get amazing grip. You can easily switch off the lights of the mouse by pressing forward/back button and DP button. It is using premium steel finishing body with 1.6m nylon braided cable.

Adcom Maverick Review

It does provide you comfort for long hours of usage. You can easily carry, store and is very much space saving too. Its a 6 button mouse with multi-function feature.

Adcom Maverick Review

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Adcom Maverick Review


Once the setup is done it is time for checking the performance of the mouse. There are 4 DPI options for gaming and for work. These are 800/1200/1600/2400 dpi resolution. These are very high resolution which you can use for precision tracking. You can use it for shooting games as it has amazing high sensitivity.

Adcom Maverick Review

In shooter games you can easily hover the mouse precisely and get your kill done in style. Apart from the DPI button for quick change in the game there are 6 programmable buttons. It comes with the adjustable hyper-fast cool rubber scroll wheel for fast and accurate maneuvers.

Adcom Maverick Review

It is compatible with various operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. There is no need of driver it is plug and play for you. It is better to use a wired mouse than wireless especially in gaming as you never know your mouse battery may dry up in critical gaming session. You can use it on a Desktop or a Laptop with ease.

Adcom Maverick Review

We not only used the device for gaming but used it for working too. You can easily do internet browsing and also work in excel sheets with ease with this mouse. You can increase your productivity too using the programmable buttons in work and even while gaming.

Adcom Maverick Review

It comes with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Adcom Maverick Review

Final Verdict

Made for pro-gamers, e-sports and also beginners in gaming. Apart from gaming I feel we can use it in professional life too as it gives a very nice grip and feel while using it. If you are looking for a gaming mouse in this budget then you can proceed right away to buy it. It is available on Amazon and Adcom Official Store.

Price: INR 1199 INR 499

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