Adcom M1 Review – Most Affordable Wireless Bluetooth Earbud


We have to evolve with the latest innovative technology products. You might have used wireless earphones and even wired earphones. Have you ever used a wireless earbud? Well if not then you must get to know about Adcom M1 wireless bluetooth earbud.

Well first lets see who all need this device. It can be used by anyone. Mostly people who are on the go and want wireless operation of calling. So you can do the calling with ease using a bluetooth earbud. College Students, working professionals, entrepreneurs and even senior citizens can enjoy the wireless earbud.

As we mentioned, this device will avail you for hands free operation and you can increment your productivity as your hands will be free rather than holding your smartphone to your ear.

Adcom M1 Review

After using various earphones including wired and wireless we feel that wireless earbuds is the latest trend now in the market. Not only they are light weight but easy to use and carry.

We have used this device for a week and will be giving our review and observation about our experience with this device.

Adcom M1 Review

Adcom M1 Review


We got to use the Rose Gold color variant of the device. After unboxing the box, you can get the tiny device in your hand. Inside the box you will get Adcom M1 Eardbud, MicroUSB Charging cable, User Guide, Pairing Connectivity Instructions, Warranty Card and Thank You Card. The size of the earbud is only 30mm(3cm). It is just to fit into your ear. It is a light weight device having weight of only 4.9g. You can see the Vacuum Eartip, USB port for charging, Multi Function Button & In-built Mic and also the LED indicator.

Adcom M1 Review

While putting the earbud in ear you can rotate it perfectly to a point where its locked into your ear and fits in. The earbud, fits perfectly into your ear. It is comfortable to your ear without any itching or discomfort. The device color blends so well that people cannot recognize if you are wearing an earbud at all. The device is having a Multi Function Button which is easy to use for sure. The LED indicator makes it look more stylish.

The design is pretty clean a bit unique too. Can be a great companion as looks nice in terms of design.


Once the earbud is equipped in your ear its time for checking out the performance of the device. The device can be switched ON by having a long press at the MFB(Multi Function Button). You have to keep it pressed for 5-7 seconds and you can see the Blue and Red LED lights flashing alternately. This means that the Bluetooth Pairing mode is ON and you can now connect it to your Android or iOS smartphone. You can also connect it to any other bluetooth devices like your laptop, tablet, computer, etc.

Adcom M1 Review

It is using Bluetooth 4.1 technology so you can now enjoy faster pairing with this device. First thing we did was we paired it with our smartphone. It also gives voice notifications like “Connected” once its paired successfully.

We personally thought that the in-built microphone is far from the mouth as the earbud is small and the microphone is close to ear and not mouth. Though when tried calling using the earbud the receiver was able to listen to our voice clearly without any noise. This is really fantastic, as a user you might had been fed up to keep the microphone closer to you of a wired earphone. Pretty decent noise cancellation.

In this earbud you just plugin the earbud, pair it with your smartphone and start using it for calling with ease. The quality of the sound in the earbud is very nice and clear. Best part of this earbud is that it has built in HD sensitive microphone which helps to provide high quality voice to the recipient. It is having very good noise cancellation for sure.

Adcom M1 Review

We also enjoyed music on this earbud. The quality was decent as it was plugged in only one ear, though you can get 2 earbuds for a better sound experience for sure. Now we also did the testing of this device on another level.

If you are riding a bike and using helmet then traditional earphones and headphone might be very uncomfortable for you. This earbud solves this problem. You can use this earbud while riding your bike and works well inside your helmet also. Best part is that it is only a single earbud so you can also listen to the surrounding environment in case anyone blows the horn you can listen to it. You can also use it basically while driving any vehicle.

Adcom M1 Review

Also tried using it in gym. So you can comfortably fit it into your ears and run on treadmill or do any exercises with ease. The device does not fall off from your ear unless you remove it with your hand.

You can easily turn it ON/OFF, attend calls, Play/Pause Music just with one single button. Apart from this they have a strong support team and replies to your queries quickly. You can follow them on Instagram too.

Adcom M1 Review


It uses a 60mAh lithium-ion polymer battery. This gives 4 hours of continuous talk time or music playtime with ease. It takes upto 1.5 hours to charge the device. Also it can have 80 hours of standby time.

Final Verdict

Must buy for people who travel a lot and do daily commute. It is useful for students, working professionals, marketing/sales people, business owners, etc. Gym goers can also use it with ease while doing their workout. Basically liked the overall device and it is available at a very affordable price. Ideal to use for calling handsfree. It is available in two color variants, Black & Rose Gold. It is available at Amazon & Adcom Official Store.

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  1. Hey Nikhil even I am a bike rider. I also faced similar issues while using a wired earphone. This seems to be nice earbud, will have one for my long bike ride. Thanks for recommenation

  2. looks very small, do they provide large eartips with the earbud? i am afraid that they might fall off from my ears. please answer my query at earliest.


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