1More Piston Fit Review


Recently 1More had launched the 1More Piston Fit and here we have the device with us. Music is like worship on a daily basis for most of us. It sets our mood. Its like you have a companion with you anytime and anywhere. So a headphone is actually a mediator or a channel which enhances the music into your ears and gives you that private space. Let us know if this Piston Fit from 1More can provide you that kind of ambience.

1More Piston Fit Review

1More Piston Fit Features


When you order a Piston Fit device you can see the ultimate compact packing of the device. Nothing fancy but yes it does look like they are to the point of providing what the user wants. After unboxing you can see the device itself and accessories with it. These are 2 pairs of silicone ear plugs. There is a User manual and warranty booklet too. Talking about the device it looks very much simple and elegant. These are the two words which come when you see the device at first sight.

1More Piston Fit Review

The headphones are having a design which is made to feel you comfort for the ears and rightful only for listening to music. When you see the design closely these are ear fit headphones and fit into the ears very easily. These earphones have a 45 degree in-ear design with aluminum alloy.

1More Piston Fit Review

The material used for coating the cables is Kevlar fibre, which is very rugged and strong. Overall simple and elegant design for sure.

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User Experience

When you plug in the earphones you can see that there is comfort for your ears. The main point is that it feels that there is a new space created for you which is the music from headphones and you. So you cannot actually listen to external noise.

1More Piston Fit Review

These are good in use while traveling in trafiic and while walking down the streets. The headphones look simple, but when you play music you feel that these are providing some quality sound which is not much expected from budget headphones.

1More Piston Fit Review

The bass is not that upto the mark but yes you can clearly listen to each and every line of the vocals. The treble is good and music heard from these earphones is a bliss. It is perfect for slow songs and country music.

1More Piston Fit Review

So you can enjoy long time of music from these earphones with ease. The earphones have a single button which is able to withstand 100000 strokes as per the company. This button is able to Pause/Play the music and also able to pickup the calls. There is a microphone and you can enjoy using the earphones connecting them with your smartphone.

Final Verdict

At this price I can say that these are very much durable and will provide you good music for slow tracks and make you feel isolated from the noise. These are must buy if you have a budget of just below INR 1000.

1More Piston Fit is available at Rs 999 on Amazon India Site.

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