1More Piston Classic Review


We all love the earphones which are good to listen to music and become our companion. But we also want value for money for sure. Today we have 1More Piston Classic to explore. So let us see if this device can be your companion for enjoying music and calls on the go.

1More Piston Classic Review

1More brand specializes in headphones, in-ear headphones, etc. We have reviewed their other devices as well in the past. The thing which excites me about this product is the name Piston Classic. So is this device comfort for your ears? How is the sound quality and what about the price? Well you will get to know the answers of these questions in the review below for sure.

1More Piston Classic Review


When you purchase this device it is very craftfully packed in a small box. This is one of the most elite packing I have ever witnessed. There is a pastic case inside the box where the earphones are presented in a way which are just amazing. They have done the packaging of this device to the best for sure.

1More Piston Classic Review

So when you open the box you see a plastic casing, inside lies the earphones. You can unwind them anti clockwise and to your surprise there are accessories inside the box which are kept very presentfully. Unlike other companies providing earbuds in a plastic bag, here the ear buds are also kept and packaged in a very presented way.

Packing is very important as it enhances the product for sure. I feel 1More has excelled in packaging this device. When you first look at the device you feel that it has a premium look. There are piston like housings and have very good finish. There is metal construction to make these housings. When you hold them in your hands you will feel that they are very light weight.

1More Piston Classic Review

The cable has 2 sections, one is braided which is close to the housings and microphone. Whereas the remaining section of the cable is rubberized. This helps in anti tangling indeed. So you can just wind up the earphones and can carry with ease without any untangling. There is a microhphone and a 3 button control unit which can be seen in the cable. This also is made with the same metal material with cool finishing.

1More Piston Classic Review

Out of the 3 buttons, 2 buttons are useful for changing the volume, whereas the other button is for Play/Pause the song or answer/reject the call as per the requirement. So when you connect them with your smartphone or any other device, you look for the L and R symbols. Actually the only concern I had with these earphones is to search for which is the left earpiece and which is the right one. Well there is a small symbol hidden in the black wire housing below the speakers. So it took me time to figure that out for sure.

1More Piston Classic Review

So when you insert these in-ear earphones in your ears they fit properly inside and does provide proper sound isolation. These piston classic are made for the comfort for the users for sure. So a prolong use of it wont pain your ears at all. There was no discomfort even while enjoying music for hours. So its well designed in terms of comfortablility and looks for the user.


While checking performance of the device, the one thing which I do is I trust on my ears and not the actual specifications. I believe that the user experience matters a lot for any device and earphones are not an exception too.

So I played various songs using the Piston Classic, right from rock, metal, pop, bollywood, etc. There is a clear sound emitted from these earphones. Sometimes you can get lost in the lyrics and mood of the song for sure. These earphones provide that kind of elite experience.

1More Piston Classic Review

There is a good bass response from these earphones. So you can enjoy the party songs and these earphones maintain the perfect balance of the bass. Not too high, not too low, its the perfect blend of the song. Overall a balanced bass and the vocals were very clear and you can enjoy the peace of the music for sure. I used it for meditation and yes it helped me to get into a different environment with the sound experience. Overall happy with the performance.


As mentioned earlier the accessories are well presented inside the box below the earphones. There are 3 extra pairs of eartips, there is also a branded clip provided with these earphones.

1More Piston Classic Review

Final Verdict

1More Piston Classic are some of the premium and elite earphones which you can buy at the price of INR 1,499. These are value for money earphones and you will enjoy the sound and these earphones can be your companion for enjoying music for a long time for sure.

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