Video Multitasking possible on Youtube App after Update


This is one of the major update for Youtube app on Android and iOS. The best thing is that they have improvised and given the user a treat by making the multi-tasking feature available.

So you can watch a video and also you can browse for other videos with the on going video being played. This is actually a very good feature and people including us do need this feature. For example if you like to watch the trailer of the newest movie. Then you would also like to watch some other stuff.


So this is completely possible by the Youtube Application. You are free to watch the videos without a hitch. Earlier you had to watch just one video at a time. But I still do think that there will not be any kind of fuss. Because if you play two videos at a time there is going to be noise as you will be able to hear voice from the two different videos. I guess to some extent it is not much useful. But the overall browsing experience of the Youtube application has surely increased a lot.


Also I would like to tell our readers that Youtube has made a lot of efforts in this update to make the app look simple and clean. This is the new mantra to make the application popular and people will look forward to it.

This update is going to be crucial for the Chefs. They can watch for a recipe and in parallel another video where in they will see what all things they need for the recipe to be done. Chefs were just an example. You can do a lot more things from this application. The update is crucial for Youtube to be favorite among the smartphone and the iOS users. We at technary give them 3 cheers for doing the update! 🙂

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