BlackBerry Z30 and Z15 leak images


Blackberry Z30 and Z15 images have been leaked. We at technary, present to our audience the leaked images of the upcoming Blackberry smartphones. These are the future for Blackberry. These can make Blackberry a better brand and also it can be a turning point for Blackberry users.

Blackberry Z15
Blackberry Z15

Blackberry users can switch from the traditional keypad texting to the touchpads. This is the modern ultra mobile age. Blackberry has thought over about the features and making it elegant in the touch. With the new OS, blackberry is going to promise its customers on a higher basis. It is going to take care of each and every aspect of user functionality.

Blackberry 10 OS has been launched since more than a couple of months. Still they have not got any kind of major response from the mobile user community. Blackberry 10 OS is very cool and had created hype. Though when we personally used it, it had many expectations from people. It has some pros and cons too.

Z30 1
BlackBerry Z30

The pros are cool, they have introduced many unique features. The user functionality is a major factor in getting audience. Blackberry Z30 phone is one of the most talked about phone in the market. The phone`s launch can be done in great ways as considering Blackberry`s reputation. This is the most awaited smartphone of blackberry.

Z30 2
BlackBerry Z30

The Blackberry Z30 is also popular as Blackberry A10. I don`t know what Blackberry is creating confusion among the crowd in making 2 names with the same product. It might be some kind of marketing strategy in which with the phone the OS will also might get popular as thought by Blackberry.

Blackberry Z30
BlackBerry Z30

Blackberry Z10 is powered by a Qualcomm chipset having two 1.7GHz Krait cores. It is having a quad-core Adreno GPU and massive 2GB of RAM. The 5 inch OLED screen of 720p resolution will be great for the users.

Blackberry Z15 is one of the first slider smartphone in Blackberry. It has this unique feature and people who like to have slider phones can surely get this one for sure. Lets see how these 2 phones turn out! J

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