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We love to go out and have different kinds of food and enjoy our meal, but we cannot go out daily and spend lots of money on that. Cooking in the home with the same recipes and favorite foods is the best way to enjoy our meal. For that we need the recipes on different varieties of food.One day we would wish to eat pizzas and the other day South Indian food and the other day french.This article mainly features on different sorts of food and food style which we can do using different android cooking apps.

10 Best Cooking Android Apps:

Barbecue Grill Recipes Free

Best Cooking Android AppsNow-a-days when we think of throwing parties or celebrate barbecues first comes into our mind .For all those who wish to celebrate the parties in this manner this app consists of different varieties of  barbecue and grill recipes. As we know that barbecues and grills are of party type they are also a healthy food.This barbecue cookbook gives variety of cookbooks on recipes of barbecues and grills and also barbecue sauce which is the major ingredient of the barbecue.As we know that many of us enjoy cooking in grills in front of fireplace in open space this helps in full filling the wishes of those people which is also free of cost.

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Pizza Recipes Free

 Best Cooking Android AppsAs we see that people of different ages comes to eat pizza in the restaurants and every one likes pizza. This app brings you the different varieties of pizzas recipes all over the world which has been prepared by the world famous chefs.We go to different restaurants like pizza hut, dominoes and order pizzas online .This recipe book consists of all those recipes which we eat in different restaurant and we can easily cook them in the house and each and every step is guided by the author.This way we can prepare our favorite pizzas in the house using this app which is free of cost.

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Cookbook French Recipes Free

Best Cooking Android Apps

Cookbook French Recipes app gets us all new varieties of french food recipes. All the french food lovers can use this cookbook and prepare their favorite dishes in the home.This cookbook includes all the french recipes such as french fries,burgers,wraps etc. Especially all the youngsters like burgers, wraps and french fries which would be a perfect snack or dinner for them. French toast is a famous french food which can be easily made using this app. So for all the french food lovers this app gives you all the different and  interesting recipes.

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Sweet’N’Spicy – Indian Recipes

 Best Cooking Android AppsSweet and Spicy has the largest collection of different varieties of Indian food with more than 12000+ recipes and 1500+ video recipes having concentrated on three major categories Vegetarian,Non-Vegetarian and Vegan. We can easily find the desired recipes from all these recipes because of well cataloged and organized information.We can personalize the entire app to match our diet and find recipes according to that diet.We can discover various interesting tips during the recipes which helps us during cooking.Using this app we can arrange the favorite recipes in the favorite section.

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Best Indian Cooking

 Best Cooking Android AppsBest Indian cooking app which is an Indian recipe app from Best Indian Cooking Website which delivers 900+ Indian recipes.This app is entirely based on the experience of the Indian housewives. This app features friendly user interface with no registration required providing pictures during the cooking in the recipes and also has a keyword search.This app consists of chicken,mutton,egg,fish,milk and snack recipes etc.

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South Indian Cooking

 Best Cooking Android AppsAs we all know everyone likes South Indian foods and their recipes. Who doesn’t like the spicy curries from south whether its bath from Karnataka or the pappu varieties from Andhra, the mean curries from Kerala and different kuzhambu from Tamilnadu. This app gets you all the different varieties of south Indian dishes in which most of them are from the home makers with their experience in cooking these dishes. This app has a key word search and is user friendly.

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Indian Recipes Free Offline

 Best Cooking Android AppsIndian Recipe app has the largest offline collection of different Indian foods and recipes. This app consists of over 10000+ chef recipes in different category such as  Non-Vegetarian to Vegan, Vegetarian, Drinks/Beverages, Deserts, Snacks & Sweets. This app is user friendly and its cookbook has all the recipe organized and cataloged so that we can find the recipe which we are looking for very easily. We can easily browse through all the categories, sub categories and find the recipes which we are looking from the 10,000 recipes easily.It also has recipe finder through which we can easily find the recipe which we are looking for. We can organize or bookmark the favorite recipe in My favorites option.This recipe app has  recipes from over 14 different cuisine.

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Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Best Cooking Android AppsIndian Vegetarian Cooking app gives  us different varieties of dishes in the Vegetarian category.People who are Vegetarians or the people who turned to Vegetarians gets a wide rang of recipe using this app.This app has all its recipes which has been collected from the most read and followed cooks in the internet. This app provides you a user friendly interface where we can find out the recipe which we are looking for quite easily. These recipes are written by most experienced cooks from all over the India which has been written on the internet. This app also has a keyword search which makes easy for searching desired recipes with just one click.

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Indian Recipe

Best Cooking Android AppsIndian recipe is the one of the best cooking apps which has different recipes on different kinds of food in India which are mainly in the categories such as  Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian, Kid, Special Diet, Common and Regional. This app makes cooking easy. It will of interest to any one who would like to cook Indian delicacies. This app has friendly user interface which makes any user to fasten the search and help them choose desired recipes.

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NDTV Cooks

Best Cooking Android Apps

NDTV Cooks is one of the best cooking apps present which is your one stop food destination.This app helps in all sorts whether you want to eat out or order in or want to cook all by yourself. This app features recipes over hundred from leading Indian chefs where every step is given in detail. It also consists of over thousands of list of restaurants reviewed and rated from 8 different cities all over the country. It has a unique feature where we can search by cuisine, location filters and maps for directions to different restaurants. The recipes present in this app is verified and written by the experts in this field which make no sign of error.

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Using these apps which are free of cost we can easily cook and eat different varieties of food and also desired food whenever we want to eat them by easily searching for that recipe and cooking them with ease.

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