iPhone 5C photos leaked


We at technary are happy to say that iPhone 5C photos are leaked. The same trick is now used by Apple. They disclose the pictures of the phone. The specifications is still a mystery. Though the specifications will surely be revealed in upcoming days.


You have to see that these pictures do depict that apple is now launching low budget phone for sure. These phones will surely be hit in the market. Apple is known for making a good connections in their quality. There is no issue that it will be compromised ever. I hope that the phone will do good to the middle class people for them Apple products is now easily affordable.

Nice thing is that these pictures mean a lot for the people who are desperately looking forward for the launch of this phone. iPhone 5C looks like a mystery to many people.

iphone 2

Technary also doesn’t know how the Apple guys launch the phones with different and confusing names. People do ask that the phone`s name is a bit confusing for them. These pictures say a lot about the phone. This phone is 5C so people do ask that where is iPhone 5A and iPhone 5B.

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