Portronics Quads Headphone review


Are you looking for a headphone? If yes, then you are reading the right article. Today we have reviewed the Portronics Quads headphone. We have extensively tested it for more than 7 days. We have noticed a lot of this about this device. So are you excited to know about it? So let us start exploring its various features.

Portronics Quads Headphone

Portronics Quads Headphone Features


We always start off with this aspect of any device. The look and feel of any device is important. For Quads the company has given a very modern and fresh look. First thing you will notice and talk about is the thick cushion on the earphone. So yes, it is in red color. The combination of Red and Black does look superb.

Portronics Quads Headphone

The band of the device also looks stiff. The device is sturdy and if it gets fallen down then also there will be not an issue. Although we have not done any of the drop tests 😛 The gadget is a bit heavy but when you wear it there is no such heavy weight you can ever realize. The first look of the device did felt me like that it is a wireless headphone.

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Portronics Quads Headphone

We liked the design a lot. There is a 3.5 mm jack in the device. You can connect an aux cable of 3.5mm to the headphone and connect it to any device. The device is sturdy. We liked the device a lot.

Portronics Quads Headphone


As you know that we have tested the device for more than 7 days. Actually we wanted to extend more as we wanted to enjoy the music. We listened to songs a lot. Various songs we enjoyed. The bass and the treble was balanced well. When you hear a song which has proper beats then you feel like you are in a pub. Yes, the effect was very good.

As soon as you equip the headphone, first thing you notice is noise cancellation. So almost half of the work is done by the headphone to deliver the music to you. The cushion of the headphone is very comfortable. We tested it for long hours and there was no such uneasiness.


The headphones have a sporty look. Sound quality is excellent. A bit bulgy to carry. Will appeal to the young crowd a lot.

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