Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT Speaker review


Do you like to listen songs on the go? Without a headphone? If you are listening to songs for a long time on headphone then that might not be comfortable. But a speaker gives you a splendid feeling of the sound in your room. Yes, we have reviewed a portable Bluetooth speaker from Portronics.

Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT Speaker

I know you have come to this article to know our opinion. But we will go systematically and find out about this speaker in detail about its each and every aspect. We used it for more than a week. So are you ready to go through an enthralling experience? Well then lets start of with the design.

Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT Speaker Features


Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT Speaker

As soon as I unpacked the device first thing I noticed was that the device is heavy. The looks of the device are just fabulous. The black color makes the device look premium. The device is also easily portable. With the device a remote is also provided. You might have enjoyed a chocolate named “Toblerone”. The design of the device is just of a similar kind. It is a triangular cylinder shaped.

Personally I liked the design of the device. The color black for any speaker makes it look elegant and same is the case with this speaker.

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Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT Speaker

This is a portable Bluetooth speaker. The main fact which we checked in the performance is the sound quality of the device. I played songs from Bollywood songs to Hollywood songs. I felt like Yo Yo Honey singh is performing his Rap in my room live. The sound quality is just awesome. We liked it a lot. It is perfect clear.

Thought not perfect if you want to practice for dancing. The bass is less, but for a casual music lover the speaker is a perfect tool to enrich the environment with beautiful music. Treble is good. Anything we played, it felt like the singer is directly singing in the room. We tested it in various volume levels. The performance was overall superb. If you want a speaker with good bass then ignore this device.

Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT Speaker

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User Experience

The player is very easy to use. It has various modes. It has an FM player. So you can scan the channels and then they are saved. You can switch the channels. The volume from FM is loud. The antenna strength seems to be high. The charging to the speaker can be done via USB. So with the speaker there are two cables provided. One is the USB cable and the other is the AUX cable.

Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT Speaker

Now coming over to the AUX mode you can connect one node to the speaker and other node to any 3.5mm jack. So I connected to my Sony Walkman MP3 player. It worked well. The modes can be switched by pressing the “M” button on the speaker or from the remote. The remote is very light weight.

If you connect the speaker to PC via USB cable then you can play the music from your PC or laptop directly on to the speaker. This is just awesome feature. I watched the movie on my laptop and played the sound on speaker. It was like a Home Theatre experience. So this feature I liked a lot.

Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT Speaker

Oh Wait! There is another best mode in this speaker. Hola! It is the Bluetooth mode. Where in you can connect your Bluetooth device and play the music or sound directly on the speaker. I did using my android smartphone. So I first switched the speaker`s mode to Bluetooth mode and then I paired my smartphone with it.

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What ever I played on my smartphone got played on the speaker. So it is a very crucial feature. You can switch the songs from the mobile. This is a very important feature of this device. So in all the user experience was superb. There was no need to open the manual at all.


One of the best portable Bluetooth speaker we have reviewed till date. It is a bit heavy though. A great value for money.

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  1. On the Portronics Pure Sound Pro BT, when an Android phone is connected via Bluetooth, does the call facility work? I know this speaker does not have an inbuilt mic, but does the phone mic work in sync with the speaker?

    Thanks for your valuable inputs which helps me in deciding whether to buy or not.

  2. Hi I have one “portronics pure sound bluetooth speaker”. i am using it from last one year due to some reasons its not working. can you please suggest me some shops where i can get it repaired in Hyderabad, India.

  3. The peaker is not getting cahrged even after puttin it on charge for 4 hours. Please tell me what mey be problems with the speaker. Is there any special techinique or any precaution to be taken for charging it.


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