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Ramayana is one of the most epic Indian mythology. We were waiting for an android game on Ramayana. So here it is developed by Dreamgames. It is a complete package of simulation, story & tower defence. So all these aspects you can find in this game. We played the game and noticed a lot of things about this game.

So are you ready to go through the adventures in Ramayana in a very engaging way? If yes then let us start from guiding you from downloading the app to the game play.

Rama Force Android Game

Downloading the App

This app is available on Google Play Store. It is an android game. You can search for “RamaForce” in the Play store or Click Here. The game is free and has in-app purchases which we will discuss in detail in the later stage of the review. You can search the name and get the game.

The app has a download size of 57.57 MB. After downloading the game, you will also have to download the resources as soon as it gets installed.

So for these things you will have to use internet. We suggest you to use Wi-Fi to download the game. Ok so now, we are all set, the game is installed and we are ready to play the game.

User Experience : GamePlay

The game is comprised of total 6 levels. The first 2 are the farming campaigns which are much simulation based and the rest 3,4,5 & 6 levels are Tower Defense type levels. The game gives a feel of living in the Ramayana.

The story of the game is good. The music is very energetic. It makes you feel that you are on the field and serving Rama and his team.

Level 1 : Farming Campaign

RamaForce 07

First feel you get when you enter level 1 is that you are in a forest. Also by seeing the 4 farming plots you get to know that you will have to do farming. So all the Farmville lovers you will love farming in this level. There is only one currency in this game. That is the points. So for buying seeds you will have to use the points.

RamaForce 08

So there is one currency in the game which is the points. In level 1 you can see all the huts which you see are in Black and White. They will get unlocked on Level 2. So the goal for clearing the level 1 is to earn 5000 points and to buy the pottery.

RamaForce 09

A sensational tip to the gamers: Buy seeds of crops from the market which is at the left bottom corner of your screen. Then go to the farming plot and tap on it. It will show the icons of various crops(The seeds which you have bought). Then you just touch and drag it down to the plot to make the seed sown. For some crops it takes 1 minute for other crops it takes 2 minutes which flies off easily.

RamaForce 10

To harvest the crops just touch the harvested crop and move the tool across all the plots to harvest. Automatically your points will be increased. So there is no need to sell the harvested crops in the market. Which is a very nice move by the game developers.

RamaForce 11

But there is a tweak in the story. A bear comes often to destroy your farm. So we suggest you that as soon as you earn 1000 points buy the Tribal Guard. He will protect the farm from bear.

For doing farming on bigger scale there is one tip from us. Buy an axe which can be bought from the Market for 1000 points. With one axe you can cut 5 trees. This will help to collect wood and create free space. Then you can buy farm plots which are available for 100 points each and place them in the open spaces.

RamaForce 12

Place as many as farm plots. It will help you do farming on large scale which will help you to earn points faster. I created as many as 32 farm plots and was farming there. It helped to gain a good amount of points from time to time. Keep farming and reach a point where you earn 5000 points. Also you will have to buy the pottery plant for 1000 points to proceed to the next level.

RamaForce 13

Level 2 : Farming Campaign 2

This level`s goal is to get 20,000 points and also buy all the arrow plants and Rama. In this level you can actually get introduced to the main characters of Ramayana. These include: Rama, Laxman, Hanumaan, Sugreev & Jamvant. In this level the berry farm also gets unlocked. This will help you gain more points.

RamaForce 14

So you will have to focus more on farming and also on the berry farm. The berry farm is actually a farm of fruits. You can sow seeds and then harvest the fruits for huge points. As soon as you have a considerable amount of 3000 buy the arrow plants. In the meantime you should keep doing farming and sowing seeds for the berry farm too.

RamaForce 15 RamaForce 16

As soon as you will create arrow plants they will need wood. To buy wood you can go to the market and buy it for 100 points. All the arrow plants and the chariot(Ratha) will need wood. So creating points and utilizing them for arrow plants is what you will love to do in this level. Personally I liked this level a lot. It gives you a feel of Farmville and you can play it with ease and no worries.

RamaForce 17 RamaForce 18 RamaForce 19 RamaForce 20 RamaForce 21

Just keep in mind about the goal of the level. You have to accumulate 20,000 points and buy all the arrow plants.

Level 3 : War With Bali

Its time for using all the arrows and resources to have a war with Bali. So the story moves ahead and the game is now just entered in war zone. It is a tower defense game from now on. For our readers, tower defense game means the game where in you will have to strategically place to towers to kill the enemies before they reach their destination or enter your territory.

RamaForce 22

So by now you must be familiar with this stage. You will have to place the towers such that they will kill the enemy. Here also to build a tower you will have to utilize the points. So in the beginning you have as less as 150 points. You can buy arrow towers, fire arrow towers. You can read the description of each and every tower before buying it. But the time flies fast, it is a dynamic situation and you will have to watch out for the enemies. As you kill the enemies, you start earning points.

RamaForce 23

In the initial stage place the towers in such places which will be easier to cover more path area and attack efficiently. Then your only focus should be to keep on building towers. You can also place characters like Rama, Laxman and other characters in the game. Though they are for higher value(points). But after a point of time you will have the luxury to buy them.

RamaForce 24

It will be like a party later on for you and you will enjoy killing the enemies. The enemies come in waves. So one after the other waves of enemies come to attack. You can see the next wave in advance in the bottom of the screen which we liked a lot. Finally kill all the enemies or try to kill as much as possible.

RamaForce 26 RamaForce 27

If an enemy passes all the towers the meter which is placed at the top, starts getting empty. So don`t let the enemies surpass you, even if one or two goes by, its cool. But don`t let the meter be empty or the level will fail.

RamaForce 25 RamaForce 28 RamaForce 29 RamaForce 30 RamaForce 31

After winning this level you should had a great time playing these levels and you are 100% tempted to play more. To do that you will have to perform an in-app purchase of Rs.50 or $0.99. I personally think that this small amount was worth to unlock the remaining three levels. After purchasing it you can now move further for the next levels.

Level 4 : The Ocean War

This level gets a bit tougher than the previous one. The trick in this level is to keep buying cannon towers. If you have only 50 then buy fire arrow towers. As soon as you have 400 points with you then you can buy characters. As soon as I had 500 points I bought the Rama character and he is just awesome. When characters get into play then the gameplay is more enjoyable.

RamaForce 32 RamaForce 33 RamaForce 34 RamaForce 35 RamaForce 36 RamaForce 37 RamaForce 38

This level`s key is to use Cannon Towers. They destruct the enemies effectively. So buy as much as possible. Wherever there is space keep placing the towers. The best part is that you can now upgrade your towers to make it more tougher for the enemies. This level is again tower defense type and the Music is very much tempting to get you on your toes to play best.

Level 5: First war in Lanka

Now this level is somewhat difficult than the previous one. As you know till now there was a single path for the enemies. Now there is a twist in this level. Now the enemies come from two sides. So strategically place the towers in such a position by which they can hit on both the ways easily.

RamaForce 39 RamaForce 41 RamaForce 42

Read the tips in the game carefully. You will have to use the Catapult Tower in the initial phase. So as soon as you have 100 points then use it to buy the Catapult Towers. And as soon as you get 300 points then you start buying the Sugreev, then later on Hanuman, Laxman and Rama. For Rama you have to collect 600 points. This level is tough because the enemies here are more stiff and have to be hit more times to get them killed. These are true Rakshas.

Level 6: Battle with Meghnath

Now you have reached to the Penultimate level. This is one of the most difficult level of the game. Can you imagine that the enemies are coming from four sides from four pathways. To strategically place towers initially is very important. Also the position of the characters properly will play a key role for you to win this level.


This level checks your tower defense skills a lot. If you are a true gamer, it’s a challenge for you to play and win this level. So are you up for the challenge?


We liked the game`s storyline, simulation based first 2 levels and the graphics. The best part was the sound of this game. The sound kept me hooked all the time to play and complete the game. So why not you play this game and let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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  1. I completely agree with your views. I have played the game and could find that the game is comprised of excellent graphics and is highly addictive. It puts your strategy skills at a test and is a wonderful platform of enjoying mythology along with game play.


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