MuSigma muWebfluenz E Social Media Analytics Solution Launched


The Bangalorian population, now have a news to boast about. The Bangalore based big data analytics startup, Mu Sigma now has acquired Singapore based analytics firmwhich is into social media called as, mu Webfluenz E. Mu Sigma is one of the world’s largest Decision Sciences and analytics firms. The firm helps its customers in scaling the use of analytics and institutionalizing the same.

Mu Sigma is an ISO 27001 certified company. Mu Sigma is the brain child of Mr.Dhiraj Rajaram who believes that the company is an intersection of arts and mathematics. The company aids its customers in examining huge data of various types to disclose its hidden patterns.

MuSigma muWebfluenz

MuSigma muWebfluenz E Social Media Analytics

As an addition to its technical regime, Mu Sigma has launched mu Webfluenz E, the first social media analytics solution designed for large enterprises. It combines social media feeds along with customizable algorithms and reveals the key insights in social media conversations for large enterprises.

This in turn helps the clients to make faster and better decisions, access to more relevant data, catergorization and classification of mentions via algorithms, analysis of structured and unstructured data and in their ability to scale social media.

The Micromarket Monitor’s report suggested that the global social media analytics market would hit $8,411 million in 2019 from the current $2,827 million, the CAGR being 24.37%. There had earlier been market and social media analyzing tools, but the difference being that they were all low-end or the companies had built their own in-house solutions.

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The disadvantage was that either those tools were too light or were not competent enough in scaling the data, which resulted in big penalties in terms of time and requirement of skill set which was not an easy task to find. The mu Webfluenz E is Mu Sigma’s first social media analytics release which would now overtake all other data analytic tools.

Deepinder Dhingra, Head of products at Mu Sigma, opined that most of the Fortune 500 companies they work with wanted tools to evaluate both structured and unstructured data. Yet, the current tools exhibited in the market do not serve that purpose legitimately.

To combat with this issue, mu Webfluenz E combines machine learning with human intelligence thus making the job doable. Mu Webfluenz E uses natural language processing and advanced text mining, to name a few technologies, which makes it hold its head above the existing tools.

Mu Sigma has already attracted a lot of customers with its mu Webfluenz E strategy, making them implement activities like custom categorization of customer complaints , catching product defects well ahead of time, thus improving the overall perspective of brand health. It is appreciable that Mu Sigma has made mu Webflenz ready for deployment while the pricing would vary depending on the choice of algorithm and the needs of the customer.

For a tool as extensive as the Mu Webfluenz, pricing wouldn’t be a criterion to ponder upon by the clientele. The tools make us visualize as how user friendly categorization and analysis of data would become in the near future. Probably, it would make the clients manage structured and unstructured information with their eyes closed. In a nutshell, we can infer that Mu Webfluenz will be a major milestone to the Mu Sigma fraternity.

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