Riva launches Flock.co – Free Chat Application for Bussinesses


Riva.co, a company in the communication sector, and the creator of low cost international calling application Ringo, has announced today that it will soon launch Flock.co, A Free Chat Application for Businesses that is new and easy-to-use instant messaging service that works to quicken and make communication easier within the workplace.

Riva launches Flock

Riva launches Flock.co

The app which is created especially for swift moving teams and organizations, does not need any IT admins to set up and equips the teams with the quickest and simplest way to connect and communicate with each other across all operating systems and platforms.

This app is cost free for infinite users and usage and is accessible for iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac and Linux. With its uncomplicated and easy-to-navigate user interface, the app is a rich in feature product for teams to chat in groups or personal one to one setting.

It allows workers to sign in with their work e-mail and naturally syncs the entire office directory to every worker’s device, which is unlike any other popular instant messaging applications. It creates a workplace-only space and also eradicates the need to combine work and personal IDs and messages.

The features of the application include Mobile and Desktop applications. Images and files can be shared within the application. To initiate a group chat, you can create permanent or temporary groups for teams and projects. The messages are protected by a secure encrypted messaging.

You can also involve your clients in your conversations. The company directory is automatically updated. You can sync conversations across numerous devices. You can easily read and deliver receipts. There is no limitation on the amount of chat history that you can store. There is an Admin interface to manage the exit of an employee.

Efficient and active workplace connectivity leads to increase in productivity and this app initiates smooth and easy interaction and decision-making. This app is easy to use, protected, simple and does not interfere in the smooth working of the company.

This application grants the workers a single place to chat and does not combine their personal and professional spaces. It wipes out the chances of situation where your personal messages get mixed up with your work messages or your personal ID is made available to your clients. It is available across platforms like Windows, iOS, Chrome and Android.

You can download it at flock.co or via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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This article is written by : Arshi Bansal

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