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Do you like to scan a lot of documents? Are you fed up of a traditional big A4 scanner. Ok, so here is a solution. Let us know about this Portable Wi-Fi scanner which is like a 30 cm ruler and a bit thicker. This is portable can serve your needs. So are you excited to know more about this product? Well if so then let us start analyzing this product which was with us for more than 10 days.

What might be done with this scanner? Ofcourse scanning the documents, but yes, with precision is what we all require. So does this scanner do scanning with precision? Uff lot of questions. So let us go into the adventure of knowing this scanner better. We can start with its design.

Portronics Scanny 6

Portronics Scanny 6 Features


Portronics Scanny 6

As I said that this scanner is like 1 foot wide like a 30 cm ruler. It is thick but very light weighted. The screen size is 1.44inch. The scanner`s body does seem to be fragile. It is so delicate that I had to use it cautiously as if it gets fallen it might get broke into pieces. But I do believe that the scanner looks good but it should have been more rough and tough to use. The scanner look wise is excellent. It supports an SD card of upto 32GB.


Portronics Scanny 6

The scanner is ultra smooth and easy to use. You just have to roll the scanner for an A4 document and you can scan the document with ease. The documents can be of any length, but the width it can cover is only of that of the A4. Even a kid can use the scanner with ease. So Performance wise we will give this scanner complete marks if we are by chance rating it.

Portronics Scanny 6

The device is a complete package of scanning with ease. The scanning capability of the scanner is tested to the extreme by us. The main task is scanning and it can be done flawlessly. You can scan and save the documents in JPG and PDF formats. So the task is easier for the user who can do the scanning. Also there are three types of JPG and PDF. These 3 types include Low, Medium and High. The documents can be saved in these 3 types.

Portronics Scanny 6

Battery of this device is superb. I charged it and scanned 243 documents and only 2/3rd of the battery was consumed. While using Wi-Fi of the device, just to start the Wi-Fi the device took 28 seconds. Which is a very long time. We hope that the company will reduce this time. Overall this device is great in performance.

User Interface

Portronics Scanny 6

The user interface of the device is very user friendly. You just have to deeply press the “Scan” button to power on the device. The display shows “Portronics” and the device starts. The device is started and then the main screen appears. There you can see the count of the photos/documents which you have scanned. If you are scanning for the first time then you have to calibrate the device. The calibration is very important and with the device you will get a paper with instructions on it.

Portronics Scanny 6

The user interface is very important of any device. The scanner`s display is a small TFT screen. There are Back, Scan, Wi-Fi buttons in the device. The user interface of the device also includes a microSD slot. So you will have to insert a microSD card to save you’re the files. The data is completely stored in the device. Also there are up and down arrow buttons. These help in navigation of the files which are already scanned.

User Experience

Portronics Scanny 6

The procedure of scanning is very simple. Just place the device at the top of the document. Then press the scan button, roll over the device till where you want to scan and then again press the scan button to stop the scan. The document gets scanned easily. You can assign the document to be JPG-HI, MED, LOW and also PDF in three formats.

Portronics Scanny 6

Actually the device was very easy to use. For using Wi-Fi just keep pressed the “Wi-Fi” button, it says “Starting…”. Then it says “Ready…” so the Wi-Fi of the device is one and the device can be detected on your laptop or your smartphone. So you can see all the documents directly on your laptop/ smartphone/ tablet and very easy sharing of the files. It has a Built-in lithium battery which can be charged using SB charging. The 300/600/1050 dpi options for the user.


Portronics Scanny 6

In the box, there is a pouch for the scanner. There is a user manual, Calibration paper and a CD for installation of the software.


A good performance, design is delicate and priced at Rs.6,999. We would recommend this device to all the people who like to travel or like to carry a small portable Wi-Fi scanner then this device should be your choice.

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  1. Hello Nikhil, in portronics scanny 6 portable wifi scanner, after scanning the document to pdf can we copy paste that to MS Word?

    I own a training centre and make short notes for students from various reference books.

    Plz guide. Thx.

    • Hello Mr. Deepak,
      Thank you for writing to us. You can scan in PDF and JPEG format. If you want to paste in MS Word you can scan in JPEG format which is easy. It is like inserting image inside the word document which can be done. 🙂


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