Evidson B3 Review – Earphones with Rich Bass


Evidson company had launched these earphones recently and we got opportunity to use these earphones. Evidson B3 are earphones with in built microphone. Looking for earphones with good music quality? Looking for earphones in price of below 1k INR? Well then you must read the Evidson B3 review for sure.

We look at 3 important aspects when we review a device. As Indian audience is very much price sensitive so we look value for money aspect. Another is the performance and then durability of the product. Convinience and aesthetics are followed after these aspects. This device is made in India. Evidson is an Indian audio manufacturer and we can see that there is #MakeInIndia mentioned in the packaging of this device.

Evidson B3 Review


Evidson B3 Review - Earphones with Rich Bass

When you purchase the device you see a very small box. This box is like the box of a Pen. To open it you have to slide it. So while unboxing the device you see that the device is kept in another small box. There are 3 pairs of silicone ear tips. The packaging was done very much precisely and there is always excitement to unbox the device.

Evidson B3 Review - Earphones with Rich Bass

When you take the device in your hand you see that it has a 1.2m long cable. It is very important to have a long thermoplastic elastomer cable while using the earphones. The cable seemed to be soft and sturdy too. Its for sure durable which is very important now a days. The earphones are tangle free and easy to carry with you.

Evidson B3 Review - Earphones with Rich Bass

You can easily put inside your pockets. The 3.5mm plug is gold plated. There is a microphone which can be useful for calling. There is a single switch which is useful for picking up the calls and to disconnect the call. This same switch can be used for Pause/Play the song or to select the next song.

When you look at the overall design it seems pretty cool.


These are in-ear earphones and the performance check starts from the comfort of these to the user. The earphones can be plugged into your ears with ease. Now for checking the performance we played various songs. Right from lyrical to EDM. These earphones are awesome as they emit rich bass. I loved the EDM songs which I enjoyed using these earphones. You will feel that these are premium earphones but the fact is that these are budget earphones. So a rich bass is what you can expect from these earphones for sure.

Evidson B3 Review - Earphones with Rich Bass

We increased the volume and yes till a point these earphones gave a great performance. I like bass and these earphones were perfect in providing it. With a single press of the button you can Play/Pause the song. With double press you can go to the next song. Also with a long press the voice assistant gets launched from your smartphone.

We also tested these earphones while phone conversation. The earphones help in noise reduction and give you a clear conversation.

Final Verdict

If you are a music lover and like to talk a lot on a smartphone then these earphones can be your choice. If you love rich bass and looking for a budget earphone this should be yours. Go ahead and buy, it will not disappoint you for sure. These are value for money and I am sure you will dance to your favourite music if you love Bass. Discounted price of INR 899 for you:

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