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Lenovo B750 has 29inch display


Lenovo B750 is revealed. It has a giant 29inch display. This is awesome. People do prefer to buy the 21inch display computers. But this is pretty awesome. This computer has a 21:0 display. The display is the catch of this computer. This is one of the prestigious AIO computers from Lenovo. The All in One(AIO) series is the Lenovo`s latest awesome series. They want all the things into the computer.

Lenovo B750

The customers should buy this computer if they need the giant screen computers. This is a very good reason to buy a computer. The cost of this computer is $1,199. This is one of the most decent budget computers. I liked the entertainment version of the Lenovo series. Indeed this computer can be a hit for sure. This is a very good thing indeed.

Lots of expectations are there from people for sure. The Lenovo B750 has a frameless display. This is an awesome combination in which we will get the frameless display. The JBL 2.1 speaker system is also one of the best deeds this computer have. The Personal computer is very good and we will have to checkout the other features too. It also has a 20W Sub woofer. So it will give you a very nice Doby home theatre performance.

It’s a package of giant screen and also good music system. This is a good move by Lenovo. Share your thoughts about this computer in the comment section below:

AVG Antivirus 2014 is up for grabs


You can now get the latest version of the most downloaded Antivirus. I am talking about the AVG Antivirus 2014. It is one of the most useful and free software for any computer user. Mostly the windows users like to use this free anti-virus. Though I am sure that you cannot rely 100 percent on this anti virus.

But when you are getting it for free then you are ready to take some risks. The risks include slowing down your computer a bit and also about making the anti-virus efficient to around 99%. All these things have to be noted down whenever you use AVG Antivirus.

AVG Antivirus Free 2014

AVG have said that they have made this anti-virus 200% faster. Lets see and find out whether it is really that much faster. If yes, then there is no such problems for using this anti-virus. We at technary always want our visitors to get the exact and precise information about softwares and gadgets. So you can rely on us about that.

You know that many of the anti-virus keeps on updating. Now the issue is what is the need of creating a complete new product. Is it just for marketing purposes that we are creating many new products or such things. They are pretty much into this business from a long time.

Now people are excited much about whats all in this new free anti-virus from AVG. It has a new file shredder. This file shredder can be accessed by right clicking any application and you will find this option. There is an improved detection of viruses and the access to AVG mobile apps is very much simpler and easy to use.

The best part is that this software has a file reputation in its testing. This is a complete new feature altogether.

Download AVG Antivirus 2014 for Free

Seagate will give hard disk failure insurance


Seagate has been one of the leading manufacturers of hard drive. People also prefer to buy the external hard disks provided by Seagate. It takes a lot of time to get that reputation. People are relied on this brand very much. The prices are competitive too.

Seagate hard disk insurance
Seagate hard disk insurance

They keep on doing many changes in their gadgets so that they can stand out. They are now doing the same. They are offering insurance to their hard disks for the customers. They are the first one to do this. They can get successful too by doing this. Now the trust between people and Seagate will surely get increased by margins.

The name of the plans which Seagate announced are Seagate Rescue and Seagate Rescue and Replace. They are on a roll by announcing two plans in a single day. Now a days the data recovery procedure is expensive. So company wants to ensure whatever best they can give to their customers. These plans will start at $30 for a period of two years. They are also offering plans for 3 and 4 years which cost $40 and $50.

This is not that expensive to keep your data backup. This is one of the greatest opportunities for the customers to make a lot of decisions in their life by data backup. They will take care of the rest. The other plan is Seagate rescue and Replace which costs just $10 more than the above mentioned plans.

HDMI 2.0 unveiled


This is a great news to all the HDMI cable users. The new HDMI 2.0 is officially announced by the HDMI Forum. It is the second version of HDMI and we are looking forward to do a lot of things using these cables. Ther

Asus Fonepad Note 6


Asus has been a major brand in the computers and is now geared up to come into the mobile space. It has already created many tablets. No its time for creating stuff which will be more useful to the users. The best part is that they would like to make things which are user-friendly.


The Asus Fonepad Note 6 is very much useful for making phonecalls through the tablet. But if you are travelling then you should use a bluetooth headset. The best fact is that the tablet is like a huge phone. A 7 inch phone means something different and enormous too. We are looking forward for this Asus Fonepad to be coming in the market as soon  as possible. We would like to make many things clear as Asus wants to stand out from the rest.

Yet many of the tablets in the market are not having the calling facility. The tablets which are already having this facility like the Samsung Tab2 and Tab 3 are costly and are priced at Rs. 20k INR. The main part is that the costing is increased a lot for the calling facility.


The noise cancelling facility is very much important. This will help the users a lot as they would love to talk to their loved ones without any problems and issues. There will be very less noise and it will be surely managed by the device. We are looking at this gadget a lot and we do think that this tablet will be very much useful.

Technary likes to cover the latest technology and will make sure that you will get the right information at the right time. You should also know everything which is going about technology. We are happy to give this information directly to our loyal readers. The Asus Fonepad Note 6 will surely make a little mark in the tablet market.

‘Bang with Friends’ is back in Apple`s istore


So the most happening and enthusiasm among people was due to the “Bang with Friends” application. It was getting popular and people were loving it in the Apple`s app store. The best part is that this application helps the 2 lovers to get a near by hotel. It is now also one of the trending applications among young crowd.


So Apple iOS users it’s a time to enjoy and start dating using this applications. Are you ready for the fun?

If yes just go to this awesome application! Cheers!

iPhone 5C photos leaked


We at technary are happy to say that iPhone 5C photos are leaked. The same trick is now used by Apple. They disclose the pictures of the phone. The specifications is still a mystery. Though the specifications will surely be revealed in upcoming days.


You have to see that these pictures do depict that apple is now launching low budget phone for sure. These phones will surely be hit in the market. Apple is known for making a good connections in their quality. There is no issue that it will be compromised ever. I hope that the phone will do good to the middle class people for them Apple products is now easily affordable.

Nice thing is that these pictures mean a lot for the people who are desperately looking forward for the launch of this phone. iPhone 5C looks like a mystery to many people.

iphone 2

Technary also doesn’t know how the Apple guys launch the phones with different and confusing names. People do ask that the phone`s name is a bit confusing for them. These pictures say a lot about the phone. This phone is 5C so people do ask that where is iPhone 5A and iPhone 5B.

Video Multitasking possible on Youtube App after Update


This is one of the major update for Youtube app on Android and iOS. The best thing is that they have improvised and given the user a treat by making the multi-tasking feature available.

So you can watch a video and also you can browse for other videos with the on going video being played. This is actually a very good feature and people including us do need this feature. For example if you like to watch the trailer of the newest movie. Then you would also like to watch some other stuff.


So this is completely possible by the Youtube Application. You are free to watch the videos without a hitch. Earlier you had to watch just one video at a time. But I still do think that there will not be any kind of fuss. Because if you play two videos at a time there is going to be noise as you will be able to hear voice from the two different videos. I guess to some extent it is not much useful. But the overall browsing experience of the Youtube application has surely increased a lot.


Also I would like to tell our readers that Youtube has made a lot of efforts in this update to make the app look simple and clean. This is the new mantra to make the application popular and people will look forward to it.

This update is going to be crucial for the Chefs. They can watch for a recipe and in parallel another video where in they will see what all things they need for the recipe to be done. Chefs were just an example. You can do a lot more things from this application. The update is crucial for Youtube to be favorite among the smartphone and the iOS users. We at technary give them 3 cheers for doing the update! 🙂

BlackBerry Z30 and Z15 leak images


Blackberry Z30 and Z15 images have been leaked. We at technary, present to our audience the leaked images of the upcoming Blackberry smartphones. These are the future for Blackberry. These can make Blackberry a better brand and also it can be a turning point for Blackberry users.

Blackberry Z15
Blackberry Z15

Blackberry users can switch from the traditional keypad texting to the touchpads. This is the modern ultra mobile age. Blackberry has thought over about the features and making it elegant in the touch. With the new OS, blackberry is going to promise its customers on a higher basis. It is going to take care of each and every aspect of user functionality.

Blackberry 10 OS has been launched since more than a couple of months. Still they have not got any kind of major response from the mobile user community. Blackberry 10 OS is very cool and had created hype. Though when we personally used it, it had many expectations from people. It has some pros and cons too.

Z30 1
BlackBerry Z30

The pros are cool, they have introduced many unique features. The user functionality is a major factor in getting audience. Blackberry Z30 phone is one of the most talked about phone in the market. The phone`s launch can be done in great ways as considering Blackberry`s reputation. This is the most awaited smartphone of blackberry.

Z30 2
BlackBerry Z30

The Blackberry Z30 is also popular as Blackberry A10. I don`t know what Blackberry is creating confusion among the crowd in making 2 names with the same product. It might be some kind of marketing strategy in which with the phone the OS will also might get popular as thought by Blackberry.

Blackberry Z30
BlackBerry Z30

Blackberry Z10 is powered by a Qualcomm chipset having two 1.7GHz Krait cores. It is having a quad-core Adreno GPU and massive 2GB of RAM. The 5 inch OLED screen of 720p resolution will be great for the users.

Blackberry Z15 is one of the first slider smartphone in Blackberry. It has this unique feature and people who like to have slider phones can surely get this one for sure. Lets see how these 2 phones turn out! J

Ashampoo Firewall to your rescue


So you are using a Windows XP operating System and the firewall keeps on shouting about adding an antivirus. Directly use this Ashampoo Antivirus and it will look amazing. This firewall will completely replace the Windows Firewall of yours. The best part is that it is free of cost. The firewall is free of cost so what are you waiting for, just make a provision of using it right away if you are looking out for the free anti-virus.

Ashampoo Firewall

The main task of using this Ashampoo Firewall is to protect your system from the dangerous viruses. IT keeps your system safe. The best part in this firewall is that it also resists all the web based attacks. So you can browse your internet safely and without thinking of any problems or viruses. So enjoy the computer virus-free.

You can enjoy a rich browsing experience and also get protected. It has many bonus tools with it. So you have to keep in mind that this software is one of the most essential free computer firewall. The basic part is that it keeps you safe during internet browsing.

Ashampoo Firewall Dialog Box

A small problem while using this firewall is that it will surely make you in distress many times as it keeps hammering with pop-ups. So you will have to bare with the pop-ups and have to make sure that these things can happen.

So it is a very good bug resistant software and also makes sure that there are not many other flags than the bombarding of pop-ups. There are modes in the firewall. These modes will make the user a very good experience. You cannot sure to have your system to be 100% secure. But we do think with Ashampoo Firewall your system will be atleast 80% secure from any kind of vulnerabilities.