Track your Bugs using Mantis Bug Tracker


Are you searching for a best software testing tool? If yes then you are reading the right article because you will get to know about all the solutions of the software testing solutions and that to for free. The Mantis Bug Software is free to use and you can download it easily.

Lets take a look and see what is Mantis Bug tracker all about. Lets make the main features of the Mantis software. It is a very popular bug tracking web based system. The software of Mantis is written in PHP which is a scripting language and is complied with MySQL and PostgereSQL. The software is platform independent and can be used in windows, linux and other Operating systems.


This software is able to be function as a client. It has licenses in the GNU GPL. It is available on your smartphones which support Android, Windows and iPhone. In this software the basic facts are that it is web based software and will help you to track any bugs in your database. It tracks down all the bugs.

For example if you have a website then you can surely install this software on your hosting too so that you can easily make things easier for bug tracking. Mantis is a must use bug tracking tool by any individual who has created a software or a web based entity where in he/she needs to find out bugs.


This software is so awesome that it searches good amount of bugs if found which are new for the developer. The main intention of Mantis is to track down each and every bug and give all the details of the bugs to the owner of the software or web entity.

You can download Mantis software directly from here:

Download MantisBT 1.2.15

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