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Playstation 4 new Features


It is always great to talk about the gaming consoles. The gaming consoles are awesome and we keep on making a lot of improvements in what all we collect. The gaming console from Sony is advanced and its features are amazing. The very nice features now have some additions in it.

Playstation 4

What`s new in Sony Playstation 4

There are a lot of things in this console. You can play many games and not only that you can also make sure that you are socialized with your friends. So this is a very nice thing to socialize with other gamers. The friend list can get maximized to 2000 people in the list. So this is a nice move by Sony.

The giants are serious about this and they are making a lot of things in this arena. The basic fact is that the gaming console will also have another important aspect. It is going to be awesome when you are going to get the data of what all other players are playing. This is a very important data. So what are you waiting for start playing on PS4.

NoMachine makes Desktop sharing easy


NoMachine is a very useful software for all the Windows users. You can do a lo of things using this software. First of the other person should also have this software installed in their system. I like to make many things clear about this software. There are many things like the sharing of desktop from remote location.


The features of this software includes sharing your desktop to others. Not only that you can play games remotely from other desktop. You can also do screencasting using this application for sure. So there are multiple things which you can do using this software. The best thing is that you can record your desktop activity.

This software also helps you easy sharing and access of files and folders of other computers. You can also use the USB devices and printers using other desktops remotely. So this is a useful product for sure. The best part is that this software is easy to use. So what are you waiting for.

Download for Windows

Macbook Pro gets splitted by iFixit


They have splitted the Macbook Pro. iFixit does it again. No in a very exciting way. They are doing a very insane job in which whey are slitting up the parts of the gadgets. This time they have not spared the latest laptop from the mega giant company Apple.

Macbook Pro

Macbook Pro Separation begins

It must be a complete fun process for iFixit to separate the parts of a computer. Unlike a phone separating a computer or a laptop is much easy. The best thing is that you can identify the parts which you see. So you can see all the parts which are resided in the gadget.

There is no need to open your gadget. iFixit has already done for you. They have splitted the whole Macbook Pro. This is done very soon after the launch of Macbook Pro. So what are you waiting for keep reading Technary to getting such interesting news around the world in technology space.

iOS X Mavericks Free OS from Apple


Now people can get iOS X Mavericks software for free. iOS X Mavericks is the coolest OS from Apple. The best part is that it is available for free. How many times it has happened that Apple is giving away free OS? It happens very few times. When its free you have a chance to grab the opportunity. Download it and enjoy its features.

 iOS X Mavericks

iOS X Mavericks Features

From the iOS X Mavericks there are few things which are highlighted. The most important one is the iLife suite. This suite is very important and will give you access to exciting features. The exciting features include Garageband, iPhoto and iMovie. So Apple is also naming its features with a prefix of “i”. So all are excited.

I immediately downloaded this operating system and started using it. This is an awesome stuff altogether. I am happy that they have introduced many new things in this operating system. Best thing is all updates are free of charge

Handwriting Input now supported by Gmail and Google Docs


There is a good news for all the gmail and Google Docs users. You can now use the handwriting input feature with ease. It will help you to do a lot of things. You could have imagined a world in which Google translate helped you to use the handwriting input to translate any language.

Handwriting Input

We salute Google for making this move. They are making very good things. These things are useful for the users of the massive corporation Google. They are doing a very good job indeed. I am pleased to say that the task of handwriting input is very difficult and I would like to Congratulate the engineers at Google who have made this awesome feat. By this the user will be easily able to translate the handwritten input.

Not only this the handwritten input will also be available in Gmail and Google Docs. This is a good news altogether for the people which will like to use this service. I would like to make clear that this service is for free!

Huawei E5151 pocket Wi-Fi router


Huawei has launched a wireless router. Huawei E5151 is a pocket Wi-Fi router. This is a very good news as the router is portable and useful for many purposes. It is able to support 10 devices. The router has a build dimensions of 92.8×63.5×16.3mm. There are other connectivity options which include Micro USB and also WLAN. The LED notification indications is important in this router.

Huawei E5151

Useful Battery

The battery capacity for this router is 1500mAh which is decent. Apart from good battery this router has a WLAN high gain antenna. This antenna is strong enough to use flawless internet anywhere in a 2BHK apartment. But if you live in a bigger house then the placement of this router will be a key. You can utilize 5 hours of battery usage.

Sennheiser Momentum review


So finally I got a chance to listen music from Sennheiser Momentum. It was an excitement to review Sennheiser products for sure. I liked the overall build quality of the headphone. It seems to be sturdy and well constructed. They will be with you for a longer time that is for sure. So you can use it with ease and rough and tough too.

Sennheiser Momentum

The music quality from the headphones is awesome. I have a Sony Walkman. So the music ejected from the walkman is always awesome. Now it was time to test the new Sennheiser Momentum headphones. I liked the headset altogether. The music quality is premium. You will go into another world altogether when you are loaded with this headset. I liked a lot more things in the sound quality.

Other than the the serene sound quality I have only one objection about this headset. A bit low volume can be experienced even if you keep the volume of the headset to maximum. So this can be a cause of concern for all the folks. Lets see the price of Sennheiser Momentum. It is priced for $275. So according to the price, the expectations were not completed.

I wanted a good sound quality with good volume that’s what a user needs. But there was a bit problem in good volume. It has a decent volume but not a louder one. So Sennheiser Momentum a costly affair to gamble upon altogether.

Serif Photoplus: Useful Photo editing software


Serif PhotoPlus Starter is an awesome photo editing software. But you cannot compare it with IrfanView for sure. You can enhance your photos in this software. The best thing is that you can edit any format of images. You can also make the web animations using the PhotoPlus software. The color balance is an important feature in this software. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast of the images with ease. You will surely get the desired results as per your choice.

Serif PhotoPlus

You can get creative

You can use the paintbrushes and airbrushes. The clone tool will also help you a lot. This is also having an advanced version of paint and some features of Adobe Photoshop. The layered effects can be applied to many things. The layered effects are one of the best things to have. The glows and the brushes will enhance your images. The amazing Quickfix studio will make you crop,re-ye correction and many things very easily. You can adjust the color saturation, contrast and highlights and shadows for getting good results.
You can insert text easily
You can put in test in the images to make it remembered. You can basically play with the text. You can put the outlines and glows and more effects for more impact on the texture of the images. SO the basic fact is that you can play with the text easily.
You can put in twists curls and many things including the color shifts and grayscale. The edge-detection schemes are also useful. You can also put in the shapes and you can draw any shapes as per your need.The outcome of anything you will do is the optimized images. This is a pandora of playing with the images and make it look as per your need.
The best fact is that you will get this software for free.
Download it now

Samsung UA85S9AR 85 inch TV launched for 28 lakh rupees


Samsung is an electronic giant which keep on launching many new products. Apart from the famous phones they are also now spicing up the television sets. Samsung has launched an 85inch Ultra HD TV for a price of 28 lakh rupees. The target audience of this television set is the high class people. People are ready to shell out a lot of money on purchasing an awesome tv. But this one is the large screen of size 85 inch.

Samsung UA85S9AR

An 85 inch tv is very enormous and you can watch anything with ease and comfort. Also with this TV Samsung has launched other 2 tv’s of less cost. 55 inch tv will cost the customers 3.29 lakh rupees. Whereas the tv with 65 inch is for a price of 4.29 lakh rupees. These Samsung UHD televisions are having optimal colors and crisp detail. Even the contrast of these tv’s is good.

The tv is powered by a 70W audio including the speakers and the sub woofers. The TV has a precision back pro technology. Such technologies make the tv more and more better. The name of this tv is Samsung UA85S9AR. It is the luxurious item from Samsung.

Windows 8.1 update is available for pre-booking


Windows 8.1 update is now available for pre-order. The update will be available on October 17th. This is a very good chance for all the Windows lovers to get this update as soon as possible and get this update done. I liked the way Microsoft is making things easier for all the users. They have introduced many new features in this Windows. Their main factor is that they have included a lot of new things including the touch features.

Windows 8.1 update

Competition and Pricing

The compatible laptops are also coming up with pre-loaded Windows 8.1 .They are doing a good job indeed. The fact is that they are making many new things later in this year. We all are always exited about the new updates from Microsoft. The update will cost $119 for Windows 8.1 update. Also for the pro version it will cost a premium cost of $199. Microsoft has been very decent for pricing their software updates.

They know that they are providing much more value than needed to the users. Though there are many scope of improvement. So what are you waiting for go for the update! Cheers and keep reading Technary.