iOS 7 launch: Application developers need to keep important things in mind.


iOS 7 has been showcased and these are the important things which the application developers have to look at.

Clarity. There is more clarity in the iOS 7. The text is legible on various sizes, icons are shown as it is, complete focus on functionality makes the design motivational.

Deference. The UI is very much user friendly. It helps to understand everything to the users. The interaction is good.

Depth. There are very much realistic motion in the design. It helps users to get delighted and give them the know how of the new OS.


Dynamic Type is very much stressed upon in the new Apple`s iOS7. It will surely make the user the dynamic.

For Application Developers:

There are two tips given by Apple to its application developers on its launch of the new OS. There are a lot of work the Apple`s application developers have to do. Not only they got to have a check on the UI of the application but also many other parameters. So the developers have to get accustomed to the new iOS 7. There are a lot of speculations that the developers are already happy with the iOS 6 and are comfortable.

But the question is that are these developers are confident and welcome the changes made to the OS. It seems that with the launch of new OS Apple is surely going to launch new products which are compatible with the iOS 7.


The application developer has to keep these constraints in mind while developing an application:

  • Bars and keyboards should be kept and accommodated to the screen. The transparent status bar. View controllers will help the developers for the full screen layout.
  • Developer should re-design custom bar button icons.
  • Create new borderless buttons
  • Use AutoApp layout for checking out the apps.
  • Control Center gesture should be used to navigate swipe to go back gesture, while performing the touch handling.
  • The use of gradients and drop shadows has to be re-checked.
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