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This is a perfect tool for me. I use an android phone and this app helps me to write whenever I am free. The basic fact is that I like to type in my cellphone.
This also saves my time. Whenever I  out for a work and I know that I have to wait and do nothing. So I can write in this crucial time. “Writer” app is a must for all the bloggers.

Writer App
This is the simplest writing app I have ever used. Best part is that this application saves whatever you write in a .txt format. This will be easy for you to send anyone.
I wish that it could had a send option from the app’s menu. I hope that they will include it in their next versions. The interface is pretty smooth. So you will not need any tutorial to use this application. One more thing to add is that this software is free.

It is also easy and fast to open. I liked another thing of this phone. Whenever you write any text and just press back button twice, it automatically saves the text on the app.
This is very useful to any individual. I liked many other things like the styling and fonts changes which you can do on this app. You can do a lot of things including the heading changes.

You can see the image in which you can try out various fonts in the app. This is very useful and must app to any writer. Also it is ideal for any novel writer. You can write down with ease.
You can also checkout the details of whatever you write. Most importantly the word count. Also other details like the number of characters and line spacing is specified. From me I will give this application a total 5 stars.
What do you think? What are you waiting for?

Download this app for free now!

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