Zebronics Diamond Optical Wireless Mouse launched


If you are someone like me who spends hours on the computer each day poking around the documents or exploring the web or even scrolling down the facebook page for a hundred times, you probably pay less attention to your mouse. So, here am I bringing to you one of my favorite, the Zebronics Diamond Optical Wireless mouse.

Zebronics Diamond Optical Wireless Mouse

Zebronics Diamond Optical Wireless Mouse

The hardware giant has released a diamond shaped wireless optical mouse which works on the advanced optical sensor technology with a dpi of 1200. Like most of its devices, zebronics has tailored this mouse specifically for the young generation. With its unique design, the device looks far more attractive than any other mouse available in the market.

The mouse gets connected via a nano receiver which gets fit in the USB port. Working on 2.4GHz it provides very high precision. Also, the range of the mouse is 10 meters, which means even if you are sitting far away from your desktop, you will still be able to control it. The mouse has been made compatible for all versions of Windows operating systems.

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Moreover, it can work on any surface and so you don’t have to worry about using it on your table or even your bed. It has the dimension of 108*60*35mm and comes with an AAA battery. Do share your thoughts a about this product in our comment section and keep reading for more.

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