Raspberry Pi A+ board launched for Rs.1,513 by Element14


element14 has introduced the all new Raspberry Pi Model A+. This model is the successor of its previous model which was launched earlier this year. The Raspberry Pi A+ has been made more energy efficient and is cheaper than all its previous models.

 Raspberry Pi A+

Raspberry Pi A+ board

The model comes with 700MHz Broadcom BCM2835 CPU which supports 256MB RAM. The number of pins in GPIO header has been extended to 40 and has the same pinout for the initial 26 pins as its earlier model. Also, the new smoother version of SD card port has been introduced which will enable the user to insert and remove the card easily. Apart from this, the dimensions of the board have been reduced to 6.6cm * 5.6cm.

The linear regulators have been replaced with the switching ones which has lowered the power consumption and increased its efficiency. But the CSI camera port for the camera connection and DSI display port for the touch screen display are the main highlight of this model.

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The Raspberry Pi A+ is available for only Rs. 1,513 on the element14 community. Do check out this model and let us know about your opinions in our comment section.

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