Zebronics ZEB-PG4400 Portable Power charger launched


Looking for a socket to plug-in your smartphone? Guess what! Zebronics has a solution for you. The hardware giant has introduced the pocket charger. The ZEB-PG4400 is a powerful portable charger which gives you the freedom to charge your mobile phone anywhere, even in your pocket.

Zebronics ZEB-PG4400 Portable Power charger

Zebronics ZEB-PG4400 Portable Power charger

If you are someone who likes traveling, playing games and surfing internet for hours then this charger is exclusively for you. This peachy power charger can charge your battery to its maximum capacity within an hour. It offers a single port with an output of 1A and an efficiency of 90% . Moreover, it comes with a LED flash which indicates the battery left in the charger. With a capacity of 4400mAH, this genuinely portable bar has been made extremely comfortable for smart users.

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It comes with a micro USB cable whose smaller end gets fit in your phone’s charging slot and the other in the charger. The charger can be charged by connecting it in the USB port of laptop or desktop computer. You can get it in red, grey, black, orange and white.

What can you expect next? An everlasting battery or anything else? Honestly, only the tech world has the answer to this. Do write us about your opinions on this news.

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