Pebble Smartwatch now supports Android Wear Apps


Attention Pebble smartwatch users! Your watch wouldn’t be a watch anymore. It’s going to be a little more than that. When we say that the smartwatch is going to be happily compatible with Google’s Android Wear operating system, it means you are going to have fun with your wrists. The functionality has been released after the gadget was beta tested. Whatever was possible on Google’s OS, can now be replicated on this Android wear. The Pebble might not have supported few apps weeks prior to this update, but hence forth it wouldn’t be a problem.

Pebble Smart

Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble has indeed devised a strategy which would hold it high in the current competitive market scenario. It aims to support a wider section than the Android wear.  Canalys, a marketing research company has appreciated the efforts of the Pebble’s strategy. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that Apple’s smartwatch and the LG watch are soon to be in the market. Despite all the current efforts, Pebble should be walking an extra-mile then.

I know the entry of Apple in the smartwatch world is sure to make jaws drop. Even a “not-so-technical- geeks” will be grabbing it, if it’s from Apple. We are free to imagine and wonder about the apps Apple would be launching then. We are not sure if launching such an app would be a cake walk for Apple. Yet, if that’s the case for a techie tycoon, what would be the plight of companies like Pebble???

But honestly, it’s too early to make conclusions or judgements. We never know what’s there in store for us. The entry of Apple can throw us surprises (good or bad, let’s not think of that now). Meanwhile, we are all ears to your comments and feedback.

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