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All of you were waiting for it. Here it comes Apple iPhone 6 review. The device is the latest smartphone from Apple and all are very excited to know about the device. Well Apple has talked a lot about the features of this device. But are they useful for the user? Which features did the user like? What is our take on this smartphone from Apple? Answers of all these questions will be given to you by this review.

Apple iPhone 6 Review

We were very lucky to have not one but 6 pieces of Apple iPhone 6 to be reviewed. But all were same. A small note for the audience. We have reviewed the Apple iPhone 6 32GB version. We have heard a lot about this device. So let us explore this device in detail.

Apple iPhone 6 Review

Before starting the review, I would thank Sanket Dhorje, Aniket Late & Aniket Thanage for providing their handsets for the review. Cheers!

Apple iPhone 6


Apple iPhone 6 Review

With the first look of the device you can get to know that the smartphone is slim. It is as slim as 6.9mm. We always expect the design from Apple to be revolutionary. The overall view of the iPhone is superb. The physical dimensions of the iPhone is 138.1x67x6.9mm. Easily fit in the pocket of your pants.

Apple iPhone 6 Review

But, if you keep it in your shirt`s pocket then some part will be surely seen out of the pocket, which is expected as the display size is more. The smarpthone has only a single button on the front side. It is the home/back button. It also has a fingersensor. It’s a round button with a bezel rounded border.

Apple iPhone 6 Review

Above the screen you can see a earphone, Front camera and the proximity sensor. The left side of the phone has a switch which turned ON will make the device turned into Silent Mode. It is very annoying to see Apple to implement a physical switch for this activity. But the advantage is that you can turn your smartphone into silent mode without unlocking the screen.

Apple iPhone 6 Review

The fun is that when you are during lectures or in conferences or in meetings, you can convert your iPhone in silent mode with ease using this button. Apple iPhone 6 has also has volume tracker on the left side of the device. The right hand side has only one button which is the lock button. But below the lock button you can see the Nano Sin slot. You can insert a pin to get the SIM tray out of the device. The bottom side of the apple device has microphone, charger slot and also loudspeaker.

Apple iPhone 6 Review

Back panel of the smartphone does look elite. It has a camera with sapphire crystal. There is a secondary microphone specially made for the camera. The LED flash can be seen just beside to the microphone. Interestingly when you do not use any cover and keep the device by keeping the display upwards, the camera is surely touched to the surface. But as it has a sapphire crystal it will not matter much.

Apple iPhone 6 Review

Talking of the looks, it is just amazing. If you handle the phone, it is sure that there is no such grip. So the user has to be careful while handling the smartphone. Already it is thin and there is no provision for grip. But there are various covers available which will enhance the grip of the device. It is having a weight of 129 grams. The overall design of the design is elite.

Apple iPhone 6 Review


The smartphone is having an IPS display of 4.7 inch. The resolution of the screen is 750×1334 pixels. The display is having 325.61 PPI(Pixels Per Inch). The device is having a LED-backlit IPS LCD display. It has capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors. Multitouch works perfectly. The glass is said to be shatterproof with oleophobic coating.

We played many videos and the display is just fabulous. The touch of the Apple iPhone 6 works flawlessly. Not lags at all.


We used the Apple iPhone 6 for a long time. We tried multi-tasking on the device. Played HD games on it. Did a very high amount of power usage and made the device realize that we are using it. The response from the phone was excellent. Even switching between games and internet browsing on the smartphone worked well.

Apple iPhone 6 was tested in very rigorous conditions, it performed as it was expected, no complaints at all. The smartphone works in peace in all conditions. We played HD videos and they do work with ease. Multitasking and jumping from one app to another was kind of a routine in the review process.

Apple iPhone 6 performed well in it. For the information to the readers, that this device is equipped with 1 GB RAM, which is quite enough for the multi-tasking. Though many people wanted a 2GB RAM. But while using the phone with such rigorous tests, there was no such need. The device is using Dual Core Apple A8 processor. The graphics capabilities by the phone is just phenomenal.

The use of Apple`s Touch ID sensor made the touch of the phone very smooth.

User Experience


 The sound quality of the Apple iPhone 6 is good. But the volume of the speaker could had been improved. The single speaker in the bottom of the device cannot produce the kind of volume a power device should present. Still we were just impressed by the overall sound quality of the phone.

One of the most used app of the phone is surely the health app. It counts the number of steps taken by you. It helps the user to stay fit. People are now very conscious about it. But the only thing is that yo have to carry the phone in your pocket so that it counts the steps while walking.


The iOS 8 has a lot of features, including the introduction of heart rate sensor and many other functionalities. You can find all the features of iOS 8 in the latest device from Apple i.e. Apple iPhone 6. The device has a updated notifications center. It is way before than the predecessors. The iOS 8 helps the user to use any other keyboards in the future.


Apple iPhone 6 Review
Camera Sample

If you see the specs, then it is evident that the device has 8MP camera. But for our audience, the Megapixel is not the deciding factor for comparing the quality of the camera of the phones. The Apple iPhone 6 has better low light shots and improved color accuracy. Surprisingly the videos can be captured with continuous AutoFocus and improved stabilization.

In addition this device has 240fps slow motion feature. The users are always exited about the special Timelapse feature. Which is introduced in iOS 8 is superb. We liked this feature a lot.


As per the specifications the battery of the device is having 1810 mAh Li-Po capacity. Battery of the device is really of very importance to any user. Apple has failed to provide good battery backup for this device. A user can only use the device for one day in a normal use. But if you are a power user the battery drains quickly.

We were expecting far better battery performance from Apple. They have to think about improving the battery backup in their next devices. This is one of the turn offs which we think customers should be aware off before buying the device.

Final Verdict

This device from Apple has very good features. The display, performance, user experience is of extremely high quality. You will have to keep on charging your phone from time to time basis(daily for normal user), for power users kindly carry your power banks and chargers. Overall a very good phone from Apple. Comes for a high price too. Is it worth the price? Is your decision.

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