Affiliate World Asia 2017


Just a single meeting can change your life. When you attend an international conference there are many chances of meeting the industry experts you follow. This year too I got an opportunity to attend Affiliate World Asia 2017. This year’s conference was larger in all aspects including wealth of knowledge, industry experts, etc.

The conference is for Affiliate Marketers, Advertisers, Publishers, Media Buyers, Bloggers,etc. Many people including me are existing because of Internet. With the use of internet you can reach billions of people. Affiliate marketers are some of the smartest people who know how to reach their audience and how to sell the products/services.

Affiliate World Asia 2017 - My experience

These are experts in Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords or buying the traffic. This is a very dynamic field and it evolves a lot on a daily basis. You have to be updated for sure to know what is trending in the industry, what kind of tools to use, strategies to implement, what types of products to sell, etc. Information to learn can be found on internet but when you listen to the industry expert live it gives you different vibes. Also there is premium stuff which is only shared in conferences from the speakers. So its really important to attend the sessions from where you gain some valuable knowledge for sure.

Affiliate World Asia 2017 - My experience

Affiliate World Asia 2017 – Date & Venue

This conference took place on 6-8th December 2017. The venue was Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre at Bangkok in Thailand. It was a conference filled with excitement of earning knowledge and meeting amazing personalities in the field of Affiliate Marketing and the Advertising Industry in the Internet Space.


These are some of the most talented industry experts who have not only amassed wealth but shared unbelievable strategies and techniques to have an industry edge in their respective fields. There were 48 speakers who shared their unbelievable experience and wisdom among the thousands of attendees. To name a few of the speakers list included Neil Patel (Co-Founder at Crazy Egg & Hello Bar), James Van Elswyk (Purple Leads), Tan Brothers (Co-Founders at Ecommerce Elites Mastermind), Rishan Bhagowat (Founder at Milky Way Media), Eric Dyk (iStack Training), Sergey Denisenko(CEO, MGID) and many more.

Affiliate World Asia 2017 - My experience
Neil Patel, Co-Founder at Crazzy Egg & Hello Bar

Diamond Sponsors

The diamond sponsors for the event were Mobidea, Mobvista, Terra Leads and YeahMobi. These are some of the amazing companies in the affiliate industry which supported to make the event a grand success for sure. Some of these sponsors provided amazing offers to affiliates to join their respective programs in the event.

Day 1 Summary

This was the first day of the conference as registerations went open from previous day to avoid the long queues for the participants. This was a great move by the organizers as it was a freedom to the attendees to get the registeration done before hand. The conference started with the Shopify Dropshipping workshop by Katie Hudson and Mohamed Ali Aguel. In the afternoon young achiever Rishan Bhagowat shared his motivational journey of creating a 8 figure Performance Marketing Empire. There was an interesting session of Internal Media Buying Versus Superaffiliates which was sponsored by TerraLeads.

Affiliate World Asia 2017 - My experience
Rishan Bhagowat, Founder at Milky Way Media

There were many other sessions which provided amazing knowledge about the affiliate marketing industry. Also we got to know how to use the advertising in an efficient way to reach out to the potential customers. There were many new strategies discussed which were surely helpful. Apart from these sessions there were various booths in the convention hall. Visiting the booths and interacting with the company officials increased the network and got to know new trends in the industry. Also collaborating and working together with such companies is key to success for many individuals like me.

Affiliate World Asia 2017 - My experience
Eric Van Dyk, CEO iStack Training

Day 2 Summary

I was very much excited for the Day 2 as I was eagerly waiting for my favourite speakers to speak. Day started with the intermediate to advanced session on Shopify Dropshipping. I liked the session from Neil Patel about “7 Landing Page Hacks Thatโ€™ll Double Your Sales”. This was a very interesting session as Neil went through some amazing tips to improve the landing page for getting better results. A session of brothers Evan Tan & Steve Tan on Ecommerce was very much insightful to know about the industry in depth and the current trends.

Affiliate World Asia 2017 - My experience
Charles NGO

Day 3 Summary

Only people enrolled for Facebook Mastery Live were able to attend this day. This day Facebook Marketing Experts show live how to build best possible audience. How you can structure the campaigns, how to scale the campaigns, strategies in creating funnels, creative development strategies etc. This was an amazing information where in you can master the facebook advertising field. This is not a traditional way of paid advertising but one of the smartest way to reach out to the potential customers for sure.

Affiliate World Asia 2017 - My experience
Antoine Moreau, CEO Mobidea

Essential Takeaways from the Sessions

  • Understand your potential audience first before Paid Advertising
  • Split testing is essential before spending huge in Facebook Ads
  • Using Emoticons is essential now a days to increase attention of the reader
  • Use test marketing performance based tools to maximize the results
  • Understand Psychology of your potential audience to create campaigns and strategies.
  • There are different types of marketing methods like Fear Based Marketing, Time limit, exclusive festival offers, etc
  • Different niche needs different approach of converting sales and approaching audience
  • This is a dynamic world, the strategies or methods worked in last month may not work in present. Test marketing on daily basis using small funds is essential to understand the process and to achieve maximum output.
Affiliate World Asia 2017 - My experience
Lorenzo Green, CEO iStack Holdings

After Party

After a complete jam packed day full of sessions, there were after parties hosted on both these days. So you can network with people over drinks and food which is amazing opportunity to network with people in an informal way. This year’s after parties were more amazing as apart from live band music, food and drinks it had people’s participation which included dance battle. So people had fun in these events after such a hardworking day. We get to meet people from different countries having different skill sets and this event helps to gain valuable knowledge indeed.

Day One’s after party was sponsored by ClickDealer, IQOption, Leadbit and MGID. Whereas Day Two’s after party was hosted by YeahMobi. On both the days Happy Hours were sponsored by Mobidea.


I witnessed one of the largest Affiliate Conference in Asia this year. Its not only fun to travel across the globe for a conference but to gain wealth of knowledge and interact with people in person. I deeply thank Affiliate World Conferences for giving me this opportunity to attend their events.

Why should you attend such events?

  • Gain abundace of knowledge through speakers which you may not find anywhere on internet
  • Networking with people in your field. One interaction or meeting can change your life and has changed mine too. So this is important to meet people in person face to face to make relationships much stronger. Thousands of attendees attend this event including super affiliates and industry experts. So you cannot miss meeting such individuals. You never know you can find a partner for your business or can get clients too.
  • Learn new trends and new methods of approach in the space of Affiliate Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Shopify, Dropshipping, Media Buging, Target Marketing, Paid Advertising, etc.
  • Make new friends. I have made amazing friends through such conferences which are more valuable than money for me.
  • Get new ideas. When you attend such mega event you get new ideas to work upon. You get enlighten and make your brain start working in new things of interest.
  • Motivation and Inspiration. When you meet people which are experts in their field you get a lot of motivation from their work and speech. This motivation will help you in believing that you can achieve your goals too.
  • Peace of Mind. This conference is not like a study tour but will be like a holiday on which you get to learn so much new things and interact amazing people. You get the perfect peace of mind when you attend such conferences.
  • Get your queries answered. This is one of the great ways to make sure that your queries get answered by the industry leaders. You can directly ask questions to the speakers or panel of discussion in the Q&A session. This gives you opportunity to come in front of the global stage and get your queries answered.
  • Can get Lucky. There are a lot of amazing freebies provided by the sponsors and they host cool giveaways. A lucky person won an iPhone X on spot in the After Party. You never know you can be that lucky person for sure. Also one lucky person won a paid trip to the next Affiliate Conference which is happening in Barcelona in 2018.

What next?

Certainly after reading my experience of this conference you must be feeling left out. No worries the next conference is coming soon in July 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. This is going to be a mega conference in Europe and you can start planning to attend it. I will be mostly attending this conference for sure. Ticket sales starts in February. So you can right away checkout this page before booking it. See you there! ๐Ÿ™‚

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