Element14 UV-resistant sealed circular plastic connectors – New offering


Element14 is a supplier of technology products and solutions for better electronic system design and for its maintenance and repair. Element14 is the Asian Pacific well renowned global electronics trading brand for the distributor Premier Franell plc.

Element14 UV-resistant sealed circular plastic connectors

Element14 is being operative in 10 countries in Asia Pacific with three regional hubs in Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney. Premier Farnell plc is similar to element14. They are a British distributor of technology products. They also deal with the solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair. They operate through the Europe, North America and Asia Pacific with operations in 24 countries and trading in over 100.

Element14 offers UV-resistant sealed circular plastic connectors(CPC) from a world leader in connnectivity TE community (TE) and expanding its portfolio over 210,000 connectors. Ensuring the housings are capable for outdoor applications such as transportation, aerospace and defence, industrial machinery and building automation.

These connectors are exposed to continuous and frequent exposure to sunlight inducing to UV radiation exposure, these heavy duty connectors are manufactured with UL-F1 rated resin to overcome the over exposure to UV  radiation and hence increasing the life of the connectors.These heavy duty connectors are made in such a way that it maximizes contact density and reduces space for power and signal interconnection by circular design.

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These heavy duty connectors and other products are sealed to IP67. These require no extra protection from water exposure. This saves lots of time. It also reduces installation costs. These housings are available in three series and are designed in such a way that they are capable of handling standard and high density signal, power with  current upto 50A per contact, with combination of signal and power in the same housing.

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