element14 heavy-duty circular connectors portfolio increased for industrial and military applications


Element14 is a well renowned distributor of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, repair and maintenance. It is the trading brand of global electronics distributor Premier Farnell plc in the Asia Pacific which listed on London Stock Exchange as a constituent of FTSE 250 Index.


element14 heavy-duty circular connectors

Premier Farnell plc which is also a distributor of technology products and solutions for electronic system design,repair and maintenance which is a British origin throughout the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific with its operations in 24 countries and trading in over 100.The group is supported by a global supply chain of more than 3500 suppliers which has an inventory profile developed to anticipate and meet its customer’s needs.

Element14 has made a great change by expanding its portfolio of the essential high-performance circular connectors from leading global suppliers and added to its stock of over 150,000 industrial and military circular connectors.These leading global suppliers are  ITT Cannon and Amphenol, TE Deutsch, Cinch and Souriau  and used these stock for wide range of applications such as oil and gas, transportation, solar, industrial automation, networking and telecommunications.

The customers can specify the circular connectors they need by the military spec,number of contacts,mounting style,their shell size,gender and shell plating.They can easily select their desired product and review them from one convenient site for fast delivery.They can enjoy even a greater value for bulk purchases of

  • over 25,000 standard mil-spec circular connectors Mil-DTL-5015, 83723, 26482 and 26500.
  • over 2,250 MIL-C-26500 circular connectors, qualified to “9” Boeing BACC45/BACC63 specifications.
  • over 25,000 subminiature mil-spec circular connectors Mil-DTL-38999

This extensive portfolio is available at sg.element14.com/connectors-cables

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These circular connectors are manufactured using their military specifications which carry a corresponding military part number .These circular connectors can also be used for commercial or industrial applications which are specified by manufacturers part number and is used where the reliability and ruggedness are of key requirement.  Element14 offers a wide range of military specifications from  ITT Cannon and Amphenol  and also industrial circular connectors.

It includes military-specifications connectors  such as  MIL 26482, 5015, CA-Bayonet series, KPT, KPSE, D38999 series and Trident Series from  ITT Cannon’s military-specifications connectors and MIL-C-26482 miniature cylindrical (62 GB Series) and GT reverse bayonet cylindrical connectors from Amphenol’s MIL-C .

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Srikanth Kulkarni

author at technary


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