Adcom Shuffle Review – Over Ear Wireless Headphones


Do you like Over Ear headphones? If yes then you must have a look at these headphones. We have today Adcom Shuffle to be reviewed. This is a device which is a wireless Bluetooth headphone from the company Adcom. Let us have a look at the features and our experience with this device.

Adcom Shuffle Review - Over Ear Wireless Headphones

Adcom Shuffle Review


This device is having Over-ear design. The headphones are lightweight and it has Matte finish with self adjusting headband. The ear cups are having leather padded ear cups and the headband does provide amazing comfort for long usage.

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Adcom Shuffle Review - Over Ear Wireless Headphones

It is easy to carry, store and is also foldable. It is having 180 degree foldable/retractable system. The device when equipped gives very much comfort to your ears. Over an elegant and comfortable light weight design of the Shuffle.

Adcom Shuffle Review - Over Ear Wireless Headphones

On the left ear cup there are various controls. These are Power ON/OFF button, FM/MP3 mode. Though in FM mode you have to connect the given aux cable for the antenna purpose. There are buttons for Previous and Next tracks. There is also a large button for Play/Pause and also can be used to pick up calls when connected with smartphone. There is AUX IN slot, MicroUSB slot for charging and also a MicroSD card slot for storage of music.

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Adcom Shuffle Review - Over Ear Wireless Headphones


This headphone is using Bluetooth v5.0 technology and helps in faster pairing with Android, iOS and widows devices. We have extensively used the device over a week and will share our experience with the device.

Adcom Shuffle Review - Over Ear Wireless Headphones

As you can see you can see various multifunctional tactile buttons. You can use this headphone as wired headphone too. Just connect it with the AUX cable and you are good to go to use it as a wired headphone. You can easily control the music playback and also answer the calls with ease.

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Adcom Shuffle Review - Over Ear Wireless Headphones

Best part is that when there is no charging left in the headphone you can easily use the AUX cable and use it as wired headphone. There is certainly a luxury for the user in this case. There is also a built-in microSD card support. There is also FM Radio to enjoy the local radio stations on the go. Useful while traveling for sure, though you have to use the AUX cable while using the FM Radio feature.

Adcom Shuffle Review - Over Ear Wireless Headphones

These are sweat proof and very much sports friendly. We used it for prolong time and were comfortable indeed for long runs too. We tested it while jogging, working, traveling and these will make you enter into a musical world altogether. The bass is strong and you won’t get to hear at all from your near by surroundings in high volume.

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Adcom Shuffle Review - Over Ear Wireless Headphones


The battery can be charged in 2 hours. The device did provide 7 hours of playback time in 50% volume. You can also use the 7 hours as talk time while connected to your smartphone.

Adcom Shuffle Review - Over Ear Wireless Headphones

Final Verdict

If you are looking for wireless over ear headphones that too in a very less budget then this should be your choice. This is a value for money device which has many features. Can be used as wired headphones too. The devices comes with 1 year of warranty. It is available in a great discount, buy now.

Price: INR 1999 INR 899

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