Robosense launches Smart Sensor Systems for Smart Transportation at Shanghai Auto Show


Robosense has teamed up with partners to launch Smart sensor systems at Shanghai Auto Show. They have released 2 high resolution LIDAR products. These are RS-Bpearl Super Wide Angle Blind-Spot LiDAR & RS-Ruby Super High-Resolution LiDAR. Let us have a look in the details of these sensor systems.

Robosense launches Smart Sensor Systems for Smart Transportation at Shanghai Auto Show

Smart Sensor System

Robosense has teamed up with partners like Horizon Robotics, Cainiao Network, AutoX and Sensible 4 for the SSS(Smart Sensor System). This is designed for 4 key transportation applications. These are for Autonomous cars, High-speed RoboTaxis, Low-speed autonomous vehicles and V2R(Vehicle to Road Infrastructure).

This system combines with LiDAR hardware, IC Design for one stop Smart Sensor System Strategy which collects and interprets environment information and AI point cloud algorithms. RoboSense has also announced about the mass production ready design of RS-LiDAR-M1 automotive grade solid-state LiDAR smart sensor system with embedded perception alogrithms. This will be mass produced in 2021.

Robosense launches Smart Sensor Systems for Smart Transportation at Shanghai Auto Show

This SSS(Smart Sensor System) combines RoboSense RS-Bpearl super wide angle blind spot LiDAR with RS-LiDAR-M1 MEMS based smart sensor, RoboSense AI perception algorithms and RS-Ruby super high resolution LiDAR.

It has low cost, easy production, high reliability, high integration levels and high performance. RoboSense picksup MEMS technology and 905nm lasers for the solid-state LiDAR system. This new RS-LiDAR-M1 does meet the OEM requirements and provides safety for L3+ autonomous passenger cars. This provides highway applications for HWP(Highway Pilot) and TJP(Traffic Jam Pilot).

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RoboSense & Horizon Robotics Create Smart Chips for LiDAR

As mentioned earlier there will be final mass production of RoboSense RS-LiDAR-M1 for OEMs as smart sensor in 2021. Horizon Robotics and RoboSense have build co-operation for building customized chips for the LiDAR environment perception algorithm. RoboSense RS-LiDAR-M1 will help to provide instant 3D point cloud data interpretation and output target level environment perception which helps to achieve results in real-time for the autonomous vehicles.

LiDAR Perception Solution

This solution is built for the mass produced unmanned low-speed inexpensive vehicles without blind spots using RoboSense RS-Bpearl. In autonomous driving unmanned low-speed vehicles are going to be the key for sure. They can be used for delivery, cleaning, inspections, minibuses, etc. They have collaborated with Cainiao Network for providing the solution.

Robosense launches Smart Sensor Systems for Smart Transportation at Shanghai Auto Show

RoboSense RS-Ruby

This new 128 beam LiDAR RS-Ruby has 3 times higher 0.1° resolution and 3 times longer detection range as compared to its predecessor. There will be use of one RS-Ruby LiDAR in the RoboTaxis for creating an environment perception for covering the overall 360 degree overall perception.

These smart sensor systems from RoboSense are certainly revolutionary and this will certainly help in various applications in coming days.

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