Stuffcool Monty Review – Wireless Earphone with Neckband


Recently Stuffcool had launched the Stuffcool Monty Wireless Earphone with neckband device. We are glad to use it first hand and giving you the latest review of the product. Now a days we all have to adopt the latest trend of technology. In the wireless earphones space there are many options available to the buyers.

Stuffcool Monty Review - Wireless Earphone with Neckband

Let us see if you want to opt for this device or not. We are always looking for devices which can be user friendly and useful to the buyers. The design of this device did look cool and we thought of using it first ourselves and give you our opinion about it.

Stuffcool Monty Review - Wireless Earphone with Neckband

Stuffcool Monty Review


As you can see it has a neckband design. So you can be careless about using it while running or doing workout. The Design is very well thought for sure by the company. The device does give you premium feel for sure. When you open the box you see the device itself, there is a microUSB cable with the device, instruction manual and ear tips.

Its very simple to use, there are labels for left and right ear on the earphones. On the neckband on the right hands side there are three buttons. two are for volume +/- and the middle button is for switching ON/OFF. Also you can use the volume buttons to change the songs from your playlist.

Stuffcool Monty Review - Wireless Earphone with Neckband

When you insert the earphones in your ears you do feel comfortable fit and it doesn’t even feel that you are wearing the earphones. They are very much light weight. Comfortable fit and also the neckband is of light weight.

Another part which we liked from the design of this device is that the ear pieces get attached magnetically from the back when not in use. This is useful, we had seen it in Stuffcool dizzy too.

Stuffcool Monty Review - Wireless Earphone with Neckband


So once you have equipped the earphones, you are ready to start the device. You can switch ON the device by long pressing the middle button on the right side of the neckband. You will get the voice message that the device is turned ON and it is looking for nearby Bluetooth device for pairing.

You can switch on your bluetooth source, it can be your smartphone/tablet/laptop,etc. You can easily pair it and you will get a confirmation voice message that its paired. Once it is paired you are ready to enjoy the songs or even can use it for talking on the phone.

Stuffcool Monty Review - Wireless Earphone with Neckband

We enjoyed a lot of songs on this device right from hip hop, rock, party music, etc. After listening to a lot of genres we got to know that the this device has the best mixture of bass and treble. While listening to the music in high volume you are totally disconnected to the outer world for sure.

We liked the overall sound quality and it did delivered clear music.

Stuffcool Monty Review - Wireless Earphone with Neckband

Final Verdict

Looking for a wireless earphone with neckband withing INR 2000. This should be your device then for sure. We are satisfied with the performance and design of this design and you can surely go ahead and buy it.

Price: INR 1999

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