UC Crazy Run game launched by UC Browser now available exclusively on 9Game.com


The UC mobile browser for android is an excellent browser for searching, browsing, downloading, shopping and all you can ever possibly do. The browser now proudly lifts its collar, for it has introduced the UC crazy Run game for its Indian users. The game will be there in the UC web’s android game distribution platform, until it announces its presence loudly in the Google play store next week.

UC Crazy Run game

UC Crazy Run game

This game is more of a modified version of the endless ecstatic temple run game, except that it has used UU, the company’s squirrel mascot which would do the honors of running the game. The players get to hold the mascot thus helping him to run through successfully by sliding left and right to collect the coins, diamonds, pine cones and more. The character gains power when the pine cones and coins are collected. If the player is disappointed with UU’s speed, he can help UU collect the rockets which enhances its speed for a limited time.

The gamer is no longer required to stare at the same background for hours together with this addictive game. As and when they progress in the game, the user gets to choose varying environments. This would seem like normal news to you, only if you aren’t an avid player. Ask a gamer, and then you know how much of joy this news brings to him! The game is sure to render a zillion hours of power packed gaming. The game on the other hand is easy to play thus attracting the children population while challenging the older gamers to unlock higher levels to unlock environments.

UC Crazy Run game

The UC mobile browser now gives a chance to all the gaming fans to earn 40,000 coins. Downloading the browser and signing up for UC account would give away 20,000 coins each to the users. But hold on! The users also get to boast their scores on their Facebook and Twitter pages, thus competing with their friends.

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A release of a new game can be the best news for the gamers. Who would know the joy of scoring a high score in the running game other than a gamer! We can see you eagerly waiting to try the game. Please do let us know about how interesting the game is and what excites you (or doesn’t) the most!!

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