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India’s leading mobile browser, UC Browser with over 40% market share, has declared the release of a value-added feature for cellphone videos called ‘My Video Manager’. This action has taken place due to the demand of the UC Browser users for an attractive cellphone video experience.

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A little while ago a survey done by the ABI Research stated that the mobile video experience comprised about 20% of the total views in the year 2013 and this rate is estimated to double over a period of 5 years. Also, a report by Statista pointed out that about 84.1% of the Indian users of internet use mobile to watch video content, highlighting the growing demand and quality of cellphone video content whether for relaxation, general interest or for entertainment.

It only takes a click to install the new ‘My Video Manager’ in the menu button. The users can see videos put under five different sections namely Downloaded, Watching History, Downloading, Download Path and Local Videos. The Downloaded and the Downloading sections aid the users to arrange the videos in a better manner to watch later.

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The Watching History section shows what the users have viewed previously. The favourable feature for the viewers is optimization of cache of cellphone videos and the intensification of the download feature. The Local Video space comes very handy and it allows viewers to play any video that is saved very easily within the browser. Apart from all of this, the Download Path allows the use of alternative folders to aid the viewers in managing the memory capacity very judiciously.

The Video Manager is very simple and quick for the mobile users. The users can easily locate and categorize any video that they download. UC browser is very dedicated to provide user-friendly video experience and betterment in the management of videos. It also aims to release customized delivery of content, better download feature and also a faster playing speed.

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