Robert Kiyosaki does shopping using Baggout – Hypothetical Experience


Just imagine Robert Kiyosaki shopping using Baggout! Yes, I am talking about the person who is the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and who has inspired and influenced individuals like us. This person always focuses on financial education. I have learned many principles from him. Baggout is one of the solution of one the problems.

Robert Kiyosaki does shopping

Robert Kiyosaki does shopping using Baggout

Decrease your liability, is what you have heard all the time by Mr. Robert. Increasing assets is very important. What all you do to decrease your liabilities? Cost cutting is major issue. I believe that Cost-cutting can save you a lot of money. By using this money only you can build your assets and go on the Rich path.

Well Baggout is an online portal which helps the shoppers in decision making and providing them the best deals and discounts. Using such deals you can benefit a lot by saving your hard earned money. Imagine Robert Kiyosaki visiting Baggout website. After looking out for his destined product(Shoe). He likes a shoe and he clicks on it.

He sees that you can get a cashback of around 10% on buying the shoe. He will say, “This is an excellent tool to minimize by shopping hassles and giving me cashback” Using discounts you can save money. So all the lifestyle goods if you want to buy, he will think of buying them exclusively from Baggout.

There are many online shopping portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong. Baggout helps you to cater the best deals available from all these portals. Robert Kiyosaki should say “You can never save in a liability but can save an amount paying for it, Baggout can help you to do so!”

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Decreasing liability can only be done if you get that liability in less cost! Saving money is a creative art and this can be done shopping from baggout!

Robert Kiyosaki might think that Technary is the best place to talk about this as Baggout is also a Technology platform which integrates all the products and deals from the shopping portals to give a mesmerizing shopping experience. He will say : “I love cashbacks and Baggout helps me to do that while purchasing my favourite goods”

He gets so impressed by this online portal that he may write another book on Modern Financial Education, where in How to decrease your liability can be a great topic. Baggout is the answer to that question.

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