SoundMagic P21S Headphone with Mic review


We all need to enjoy music. So what do you buy? A headphone? Yes, we are reviewing a headphone. It is a not only a headphone but a microphone. We have reviewed our first imported headset from China. Yes, SoundMagic is a Chinese company and it is available in China. Especially for Technary they have sent us this product for review. So let us start exploring this device.

SoundMagic P21S Headphone

SoundMagic P21S Features


SoundMagic P21S Headphone

We got a green colored device. But it is available in many other colors. The headphone does look to be cool. It is a microphone. The device has good ear stuffing. It is also comfortable. When I used it for 1 hour at stretch still I didn’t had any discomfort. The packing of the device is very good. It has a pouch. This is a foldable device. It can fit into the semi circle pouch.

SoundMagic P21S Headphone

There is a microphone too in the device. I also connected it to the smartphone. I had a good conversation with my friend using the device. It was a smooth conversation. My sound was clear to the other end and their sound was clear to my end. Even the headphone is adjustable and it has a scale too. Also a pouch is provided with the device. There is a cable also provided with the device. If you want to use the microphone to the computer then you can use this cable.


SoundMagic P21S Headphone

When we put on the headphones then you can feel the noise cancellation. The device P21S has a very good sound quality. It is not premium but yes, it does serve the purpose. The beats are clear and good. You cannot expect a sound quality like that of a sennheiser or like of the Skull Candy. But yes, it was just close to the headphones of that of a JBL. I liked the sound quality and it is comfortable for the ear too.

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SoundMagic P21S Headphone

The SoundMagic P21S performance is awesome. The volume is also pretty high. When you use the device you cannot hear anything other than what you want to hear from the device.

User Experience

SoundMagic P21S Headphone

It is very easy to use. The user will have to use the SoundMagic device with ease. The device has a small microphone which can be used. There was no major problem to use this device. It is portable and easy to commute. The 3.5mm cable can be utilized in any system including smartphone, MP3 player and many other devices.


I liked the device a lot. The build quality might be a bit weak, but the sound quality of this system is awesome. The price of this gadget is just 259 Yen. But it is not yet available in India. Technary gives a heads up for this Microphone.

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