Redirected Status when Fetch as Google – Fixed


We webmasters use Google Webmasters to be connected with the world`s largest search engine. Yes to rank well in google and for the SEO, using Google Webmasters is very important. Well I am going to discuss the solution for a very major problem which many people face during indexing their web pages.

This is a problem for many new comers, well I had also faced the same problem. So basically when you click on Crawl and click on Fetch as Google you will see a page. There you insert your webpage url and send submit, though the message shows that it is “Redirected”. So Google does consider this as a 301 redirect and also shows the response code.

Redirected Status when Fetch as Google

For a pro user or for a user of Google Webmasters from a long time there is no problem as they can troubleshoot it easily, but what about the new comers? As I had a call from my new blogger buddy and asked me about the solution. I was happy to share my wisdom with him and also thought how it will be helpful to many people. So I am sharing you the techniques or ways to eradicate the Redirect Status and make your indexing complete in Google.

How to fix Redirect Status to Complete Status?

Solution 1 : Use of a Forward Slash “/

This is a most important solution and 70% of the users have got their problem solved with this solution. So use the Forward slash at the end of the URL while submitting.

So for example you want to submit Travel Page link, in the box enter travel/ and then submit for indexing. Though I am assuming that your blog url is in the format

Redirected Status when Fetch as Google

Even for example of adding a contact us page and you enter only contact and sent then you may see the Redirected status. If you send contact/ then the problem is solved completely. Also you will get to see the status as complete. Also remember that the Google indexing take place if that page is really helpful and has useful information. So nothing can be surely indexed without original content.

So many of the new bloggers might face this issue of seeing the Redirected Status in their blog. Just add  a forward slash and it will be all fine to go ahead with submitting.

If the problem still exists try redirecting and verify the redirect first. You can go for this solution:

Redirected Status when Fetch as Google

Solution 2: Redirecting from to

If you are using WordPress and have installed your blog on this platform, then you must be using  a naked domain name as Login to your wordpress panel, go to Settings -> General. You will see in the wordpress Adress URL and your Site Address url as change it to then click on save changes at the end of the page.

Redirected Status when Fetch as Google

Then come to Google Webmasters -> Crawl -> Fetch as Google Page then try submitting your page URL and you will get a “Complete” Status. Both the above solutions work efficiently and are trial and tested by us.

Let us know in the comments below if your problem is fixed. Also subscribe to our blog for latest tech and solutions.

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