Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist Band Features


Portronics have introduced a new smart band. This is the Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist band. Though as the market is getting crowded now with many smart bands, we will be happy to showcase this brand`s latest watch with you. This is a wearable device and we will talk about the features in detail. Though we have not yet received this device for reviewing, still we have some observations about this device for sure.

Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist Band

Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist Band

This is a wearable device and can be used for all 24 hours of the day. The band comes in a black color with an OLED display. This OLED display screen is of 0.9inch. There is also a daily activity tracker in this device. This tracks all your exercise levels and also sleep patterns. This is very crucial that even if you are taking a 7 hours sleep, how much of the sleep is really productive, can be seen using the tracker.

So it measures how long you sleep and also wakes you up with a silent alarm. This wrist band from Portronics is able to sync easily with devices. The gadget is water resistant. Also the battery backup is said to be lasting for 5 days as per the company.

Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist Band

Apart from this if synced with your smartphone it also works as a caller ID. So you can see the name of the person called on your phone flashing(if it is saved in your contacts) on the wrist band itself. Though this handset does not work with windows and there is no heart rate monitor in this device. It means that this device is not compatible with any windows smartphones for sure.

It counts the number of steps you take while walking or jogging. There are goals which you can set and you will get alerts when you achieve those goals. The band is also having a reminder. So when a call arrives on your smartphone or you receive a message the wrist band notifies you, this helps you to know that you are getting a call/message. It can be connected via bluetooth to your smartphone.

Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist Band

Though we believe that this band`s display might not be working well in sunlight. It works with Android smartphones as well as iPhone devices as well. The display automatically shuts down if you are not using it. Though if you want to wake it up, there is a button which you can use to wake the wrist band`s screen up.

It is having a 1 year warranty as per the company. This smart wrist band is only compatible with Android smartphones which are having Android 4.4(Kitkat) and above. The time shown on this wrist band is in hours and minutes and not in seconds. Also it does not have a stop watch. You can use the App named as Yogg in the play store for syncing up with the device.

Portronics Yogg Smart Wrist Band


This is a good attempt by the company to make a good fitness tracker. The battery life is good and also the details of the exercises done, seem to be doing well. Mainly for people who are Amateur fitness enthusiasts and just want a tracker/notifier for notifications of calls/messages from your smartphone. Priced at INR 1,899.

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